A to Z of Saints




Saint A’s



Aaron was a monk and an abbot at a monastery situated on a remote island, which was aid to only be reachable at low tide. He worked with Saint Malo as his Spiritual Advisor.

b. Wales d. c.552

Patronage: Those who live a passionate and steadfast life

Feast Day: June 22

Memorial Day Jun 22


ST. ADRIAN of NICOMEDIA– Patron of Prison Guards/Soldiers

Adrian was a Herculian Guard of the Roman Emperor Galeruis Maximian, where he witnessed the imprisonment of Christians. Inspired by there resolve, he and his wife Natalia converted to Christianity. Adrian found himself imprisoned for converting, then tortured and martyred at Nicomedia. Natalia salvaged one of his hands as a relic.

d. 3/4/304

Patronage: Guards and soldiers, Plague, Epilepsy, Arms dealers, Butchers

Feast Day: September 8

Memorial Day Sept 8


ST. AEDAN of FERNS– Patron of Ferns/Ireland

One of St. David’s most faithful disciples, Aedan was a hostage of Aedh Ainmire, High-King of Ireland, but released after impressing the king. He founded several churches and monasteries around Ferns, Ireland, and became the first Bishop there. He also goes by other names, such as Aidan, Maedoc, and Edan.

b. c.550 Inisbrefny, Ireland d.1/31/632 Ferns, Ireland

Patronage: Ferns, Wexford, Ireland

Feast Day: January 31

Memorial Day Jan 31


ST. AGATHA– Patron of Nurses/Breast Cancer

Agatha, a virgin, lived her life dedicated to God. After rejecting advances from a Roman magistrate and being accused as a Christian, the magistrate ordered her breasts cut off as punishment. Saint Peter visited her prison cell and healed Agatha with a celestial ointment.

b. c.231, Sicily d. c.251

Patronage: Nurses, Sicily, Bell Founders, Breast cancer, Bakers, Fire, Natural Disasters, Rape victims.

Feast Day: February 5

Memorial Day Feb 5


ST. AGNES of ROME– Patron of Virgins/Girl Scouts

Agnes rejected advances from Roman suitors, claiming God would be her spouse. One of her suitors, a jealous son of the Governor, offered estates and money for marriage. She refused, and the governor ordered her to undress and be led through the streets. Her hair suddenly grew and covered her body while an angel appeared and clothed her. She was martyred around the age of 12-13

b.c. 291 d.c. 304

Patronage: Chastity, Gardeners , Against rape, Children of Mary.

Feast Day: January 21

Memorial Day Jan 21


ST. AIDAN of LINDISFARNE– Patron of Firefighters

With Paganism present in Ireland, King Oswald of Northumbria hired Aidan to travel and preach Christianity to villagers. He consistently gave to the poor as he spread interest in Christianity under the Kings he served, all of which he was close friends with. Founding several schools and monasteries, he survived a Pagan invasion before his death.

d. 8/31/651 Bamburg, England

Patronage: Northumbria, Firefighters

Feast Day: August 31

Memorial Day Aug 31


ST. ALBERT the GREAT– Patron of Scientists/Philosophers/Medical Technicians

Albert, a scientist of the Dominican Order, dedicated himself to studying and lecturing the natural sciences. His work with geography, astronomy, and chemistry was advanced, and he was well known for his interest in what would later become biology and botany. He was long suspected as a wizard, but he escaped the Inquisition because he was Dominican.

b. 1206, Swabia d. 11/15/1280, Cologne, Prussia

Patronage: Medical technicians, Natural sciences, Philosophers, Scientists, Students.

Feast Day: November 15

Memorial Day 43054


ST. ALEXANDER SAULI– Patron of Corsica

At the University of Pavia, Alexander taught Theology and Philosophy. When he became Bishop of Aleria, Corsica, he was left dumbfounded by the horrendous conditions of the Church and the people. He and three of his colleagues restored the town by rebuilding churches, schools, and seminaries.

2/15/1534, Milan – 10/11/1592, Pavia

Patronage: Corsica, Barnabite Seminarians.

Feast Day: October 11

Memorial Day Oct 11



A closet Christian and the wife of Emperor Diocletian, Empress Alexandra came upon a soldier – Saint George, being punished for proclaiming himself a Christian. She begged the Emperor to free those who believe in Christ, but he was outraged by her suggestion, ordering her to the same fate as Saint George.

d. 4/21/303 Rome

Patronage: Defender of humanity

Feast Day: April 23

Memorial Day Apr 23


ST. ALICE– Patron of Blind/Paralyzed

Also known as Saint Aleydis, she encouraged many with her humility. At age 7 she was sent to study at Cistercian convent, a place she wound up staying for the rest of her life. As a young teen, she fell victim to leprosy, causing her to become paralyzed and blind. She was known as healer, but could not heal herself.

b. 12th century Schaerbeck, Belgium d. 6/11/1250

Patronage: Those who are blind or paralyzed

Feast Day: June 15 (also June 11 or 12)

Memorial Day Jun 15


ST. ALOYSIUS GONZAGA– Patron of AIDS/Teenagers

Aloysius was prepared to be a soldier by his father, but after falling sick with kidney problems he turned to prayer and learning about Saints. At the age of eighteen, he signed away ties to family land and became a member of the Jesuit Order. While caring for plague victims in a Jesuit Hospital, he himself contracted the plague, and predicted the time of his own death. He is the patron saint of teenagers and AIDS patients.

b.3/9/1568 Italy d.6/21/1591 Italy

Patronage: The Blind, AIDS patients & caregivers, Christian youth, Christian youth

Feast Day; June 21 .

Memorial Day Jun 21


ST. ALPHONSA– Patron Saint Against Illness

Alphonsa, formerly Anna, was raised by her aunt and joined a convent after a vision from St. Theresa of Liseux. During her life she was afflicted by a variety of illnesses, including eczema and partial paralysis as a child, and pneumonia as an adult. Convincing herself to embrace suffering, she was venerated as the first woman of Indian origin to be named a patron saint.

b. 8/19/1910 Kudamalloor, Kerala, India d. 7/28/1946 Bharananganam, India

Patronage: Against sickness, Against the death of parents

Feast Day: July 28

Memorial Day July 28


ST. ALPHONSUS– Patron of Confessors/Theologians

Born to a noble family in 1696, Alphonsus began to practice law at a young age, but as he grew older and saw more of how the world was, he decided to turn to priesthood instead. He preached to parishes and wrote several works, including his life’s masterpiece, Theologae Moralis. He also founded the Redemptoristines women‘s order and the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, both in Scala, Italy. He died at the age of 91.

b. 9/27/1696 near Naples, Italy d. 8/11787 Nocera, Italy

Patronage: Arthritis, Confessors, Moralists, Theologians, Against scrupulosity

Feast Day: August 1

Memorial Day Aug 1

ST. AMBROSE– Patron of Beekeepers/Candle makers

Ambrose was born to Roman nobility, well educated, and a Christian convert. When he was young, bees swarmed his mouth, thus his symbol became the honeybee. By way of his oratory skills, he was given the nickname Honey Tongued Doctor. He was appointed the Bishop of Milan when the former Bishop died, and maintained that the Church comes before the State.

b. c.340 in Trier, Gaul d. April 4, 397 at Milan, Italy

Patronage: Beekeepers, Candle makers, Domestic animals, Learning, Police officers

Feast Day: December 7

Memorial Day Dec 7


ST. AMELIA– Patron of Arm Pain/Bruises

Also known as Saint Amalberga of Maubeuge, she was speculated to have been a relative of Pippen of Landen. Married to Count Witger, Duke of Lotharingia, she and her husband spent much of their lives as nun and monk, respectively. She is usually depicted on the back of a fish as she reportedly rode across a lake on the back of a sturgeon.

b. Brabant, Belgium d. c.690

Patronage: Against Fevers, Against arm pain, Farmers

Feast Day: July 10

Memorial Day July 10


ST. ANASTASIA– Patron of Martyrs/Widows

In the second mass on Christmas Day, Anastasia is given a special commemoration. There are many legends involving Saint Anastasia, but the only facts known are about her death. She sacrificed her life during Emperor Diocletian’s persecutions.

Patronage: Martyrs, Weavers, Widows, those suffering from poison.

Feast Day: December 25

Memorial Day Dec 25


ST. ANDRE BESSETTE– Family Caregivers

Andre, one of twelve children, lost both his parents at a young age. He was accepted into the Congregation of the Holy Cross at age 25 after being backed by Bishop Bourget. Devoted to St. Joseph, he would heal the sick by rubbing oil from a chapel lamp. On Mount Royal, Andre helped institute a chapel dedicated to St. Joseph, where he healed many people, and it is still in use today.

b. 8/9/1845 Quebec, Canada d.1/6/1937 Montreal, Canada

Patronage: Family Caregivers, The sick

Feast Day: January 6

Memorial Day Jan 6


ST. ANDREW KIM TAEGON– Patron of Korean Clergy

As Christianity became introduced in Korea in the early 1800s, several Koreans, including Kim’s father, was executed for practicing. Kim left Korea to study and practice, eventually returning to preach and becoming the first Korean priest. When Christianity became suppressed during the 1840s, Kim, along with other priests were tortured and beheaded.

b. 8/21/1821 Chungcheong-do, South Korea d. 9/16/1846 Seoul, Korea

Patronage: Korean clergy

Feast Day: September 20

Memorial Day Sept 20


ST. ANDREW the APOSTLE– Patron of Fisherman/Scotland

St Andrew is known as the first Apostle and Elder Brother of St. Peter. A follower of John the Baptist, he went through life spreading the Gospel of Jesus. He was killed by being crucified on a saltire, or x-shaped cross, for baptizing Maximilla, the wife of the Roman governor of Patras. His symbol, the saltire, is featured on the flag of Scotland, where he established the Church of St. Andrew.

b. Bethsaida of Galilee d. c. last day of Nov, 60 AD, (when he was cut down from the Cross)

Patronage: Against illness, Fishermen, Happy Marriages, Maidens, Mariners Feast Day: November 30

Memorial Day Nov 30


ST. ANGELA MERICI– Patron of Handicapped People

Although Angela lost most of her family and was surrounded by conflicts of religion, she remained focused on prayer, fasting, and service. As she became an inspiring source of religious advice, despite once being blind, she turned her house into an institute for women and girls. The St. Ursula institute, named after the saint of the same name, grew over time and spread across the country, becoming known as the Ursulines.

b.3/21/1474 Desenzano, Lake Garda, Italy d. 1/27 /1540, Brescia, Italy

Patronage: Against Sicknesses, Handicapped people, Loss of parents

Feast Day: January 27

Memorial Day Jan 27


ST. ANN– Patron of Housekeepers/Mothers

Anne is the mother of Our Lady and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. It was long believed that Anne was a virgin in the conception and birth of Mary, but that theory was later proven false in a vision to Saint Collette.

Patronage: Against poverty & sterility, Homemakers, Grandparents, Women in labor, Lace makers, Equestrians

Feast Day: July 26

Memorial Day 43307



Practicing religion against his father’s wishes, Anselm reluctantly accepted the position of Archbishop of Canterbury in 1092. Exiled twice for refusing lay investitures, and to pay or accept bribes, respectively, he was later reaccepted into the Church both times. Opposed to slavery, he was known for his philosophical teachings and writings as well as his intellectual works supporting the existence of God.

b. c.1033 Piedmont, Italy d. Holy Wednesday, 4/21/1109 Canterbury, England

Patronage: Writers, Church

Feast Day: April 21

Memorial Day Apr 21


ST. ANTHONY– Patron of Lost Articles/The Poor

Also known as the Evangelical Doctor, Anthony was from a wealthy family but became a poor Franciscan Priest for Christ. He was a gifted speaker who attracted crowds everywhere he spoke. It is said that when his remains were uncovered the whole body was decomposed apart from the tongue.

b.8/15/1195 Lisbon, Portugal d.6/13/1231 Padua, Italy

Patronage: American Indians, Elderly and poor people, Fishermen, Portugual, Harvests

Feast Day: June 13

Memorial Day 42899


ST. ANTHONY MARY CLARET– Patron of Weavers/Catholic Press

A former weaver, Anthony was ordained as Bishop before founding the congregation of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In Cuba, he was made Archbishop of Santiago where he reinstituted the archdiocese and recommended family-owned farms. He was later made Chaplain for Queen Isabella II before being exiled to Paris with her. He spent his last days preaching to the French.

b. 12/23/1807, Barcelona, Spain d .10/24/1870, Narbonne, France

Patronage: Weavers, Claretians, Technical & Vocational Educators

Feast Day: October 24

Memorial Day Oct 24


ST. ANTHONY of EGYPT– Patron of Animals/Gravediggers

When Anthony’s parents died, he gave away his inheritance to the poor in an attempt to obey the Gospel’s teachings. Learning from ascetics, he lived in isolation for twenty years, only allowing his followers to appear before him. Fearlessly combating against Arianism as a monk, he died in solitude at age 105. Also known as St. Anthony the Great, and the Father of all Monks.

b.c.251,Egypt d.c.356, Egypt

Patronage: Grave Diggers, Skin Diseases, Basket Makers.

Feast Day: January 17

Memorial Day Jan 17


ST. APOLLONIA– Patron of Dental Diseases

Apollonia allowed her home to become a safe haven for fellow Christians. While attacked by a pagan gang, her teeth were broken and she was given the choice to reject Christ or be burned alive. It is said that she jumped into the fire without answering.

(3rd century)

Patronage: Dentists, Tooth problems

Feast Day: February 9

Memorial Day Feb 9



Deeply devoted to Catholicism, Arnold, a German-Catholic worked as a high school teacher before founding the journal Little Messenger of the Sacred Heart in 1874, calling out for German Catholics. Against the Anti-Catholic Kulturkampf rules, he founded the St. Michael the Archangel Mission House in 1875. He also founded the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters in 1889 and the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters in 1896.

b.11/15/1837, Germany b.1/15/1909, Netherlands

Patronage: Writers, Printing press

Feast Day: January 15

Memorial Day Jan 15



Athanasius became bishop of Alexandria as Arianism began to grow in the East. He was banished by Emperor Constantine for fighting Arianism but was reinstated by Constantine’s son. Although exiled five times for his anti-Arian stand, he did enjoy the peace of it and created several writings in support of Christianity.

b. c. 295 AD Alexandria, Egypt d.5/2/373 Alexandria, Egypt

Feast Day: May 2

Memorial Day May 2


ST. AUGUSTINE– Patron of England

Saint Augustine of Canterbury was a monk and an abbot in Rome. He and 40 brother monks were sent by Pope Saint Gregory the Great to the British Isles to convert its people to Christianity. Upon hearing stories of the Celts he turned around and went back to Rome, only to be forced to go back. He is known for spreading the faith throughout England, and converting King AEthelberht, the first English king to convert to Christianity. b. Rome, Italy d. 5/26/605 Canterbury, England Patronage: England Feast Day: May 27

Memorial Day 43247


ST. AUGUSTINE of HIPPO– Patron of Brewers/Theologians

Augustine was the son of St. Monica, and while in his youth was known to be wild. After receiving prayers from his mother and being baptized by St. Ambrose, he converted back to Christianity. Upon his mothers death, he returned to his home in Africa and sold all of his property, turning over the proceeds to the poor and opening a monastery. He became Bishop of Hippo in 396. The city of Saint Augustine, Florida, was established on his feast day and named for him.

b. 11/13/354 North Africa d. 8/28/430 Hippo, North Africa

Patronage: Brewers, Printers, Theologians, Against sore eyes, Against vermin

Feast Day: August 28

Memorial Day Aug 28


ST. AUSTIN– Patron of England

Saint Austin is also known as Saint Augustine of Canterbury. He was sent by Gregory the Great to convert English Anglo-Saxons to Christianity. He spread the faith through out England, converting over 10,000 of King AEthelberht’s people.

b. Rome, Italy d. 5/26/605 Canterbury, England

Patronage: England

Feast Day: May 27

Memorial Day 43247


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Saint B’s



ST. BARBARA– Patron of Architects/Sudden Death

Barbara was a beautiful maiden with an overly strict father who made her stay in a tower. She was tutored by philosophers and later realized that polytheism was nonsense, so she converted to Christianinty. When her father learned of her conversion, he beheaded her. A clap of thunder was then heard and her father was reduced to ashes.

d. c. 235 at Nicomedia during the persecution of Maximinus of Thrace

Patronage: Architects, Sudden Death, Explosives, Mathematicians

Feast Day: December 4

Memorial Day 43438


ST. BARNABAS– Patron Saint Against Hailstorms

Barnabas, a Jewish convert, is often considered an Apostle but he is not one of the Twelve Apostles. He believed in the Church‘s mission to Gentiles, and worked with St. Paul in Asia and Cyprus. Barnabas is often depicted standing near stones while holding the Gospel of Saint Matthew, the image of him while he was stoned to death in Salamis.

b. Cyprus d. c.61, Salamis

Patronage: Cyprus, Antioch, against hailstorms, invoked as peace maker. Feast Day: June 11

Memorial Day Jun 11


ST. BARTHOLOMEW the APOSTLE– Patron of Cobblers/Nervous Diseases

Bartholomew was one of the Twelve Apostles, also known under the name Nathanael. He is mentioned in the Gospels frequently, and usually associated with Philip, who brought Bartholomew to Jesus. He is usually represented with a tanner’s knife and holding his skin because he was skinned alive in Armenia.

b. 1st century Galilee d. Albanopolis, Armenia

Patronage: Tanners, Bookbinders, Butchers, Leather workers, Against neurological diseases

Feast Day: August 24

Memorial Day Aug 24


ST. BASIL the GREAT– Patron of Hospital Administrators

Basil was born to a noble and religious family in the year 329. Four of his nine siblings are canonized as Catholic Saints, along with his mother (Emmelia), father (Basil the Elder), and grandmother (Macrina). He studied in Constantinople and Athens, and became a much sought after speaker. Afraid of being consumed by pride, he sold all of his possessions and became a priest and monk. He was known to hold Mass and preach to crowds twice a day, and was a Doctor and Father of the Church.

b. 329 Caesarea, Asia Minor (modern Turkey) d. 1/1/379 Caesarea

Patronage: Monks, Education, Exorcism, Liturgists, Hospital Administrators

Feast Day: January 2

Memorial Day Jan 2


ST. BEDE the VENERABLE– Patron of Lectors

Bede made himself a born scholar, continuously immersing himself in history and science. His dedication to learning made him well-known and honored as a Saint. Made a Doctor of the Church in 1899, he wrote several books and could translate Greek and Latin, gaining the title The Father of English History.

b. c. Wearmouth, England d. 5/25/735

Patronage: English writers & historians, Jarrow

Feast Day: May 25

Memorial Day May 25


ST. BENEDICT– Patron of Monks/Poison Sufferers

When benedict was a student, he was not impressed with his fellow students, so he fled to live in the mountains as a hermit. He was soon requested to lead an abbey, and later founded the monastery at Monte Cassino, where he wrote the Rules of his order – guidelines for monks to follow. Many opposed his Benedictine principles, and he was once given a goblet of poison, which he blessed and made safe. He is buried with his twin sister, Saint Scholastica.

b. c.480 Narsia, Umbria, Italy d. 3/21/547 Monte Cassino, Italy

Patronage: Against poison, Against witchcraft, Agricultural workers, Fever, Architects

Feast Day: July 11

Memorial Day July 11


ST. BENJAMIN– Patron of Those Named Benjamin

Benjamin, a Deacon, was jailed for his faith and later released. He began to preach in the streets and converted many to Christianity. He was tortured and martyred in Persia around the year 424.

d. c. 424 Persia

Patronage: Preachers

Feast Day: March 31

Memorial Day Mar 31


ST. BERNADETTE– Patron of Illness/Poverty

Bernadette was the eldest child in a large, poor family. In February of 1858 in Lourdes, France, she witnessed her first vision of the Virgin Mary. She received approximately 17 more during the following 5 months. Since the visions of Our Lady to Bernadette, millions of people have visited the shrine at Lourdes.

b.1/7/1844 Lourdes, France d.4/16/1879 Nevers, France

Patronage: Body ills, Shepherds, Poverty, People ridiculed for their faith

Feast Day: April 16

Memorial Day Apr 16


ST. BERNADINE of SIENNA– Patron of Advertising/Lung Problems

From childhood, Bernardine was a gifted speaker and travelled across Italy to appease distressed citizens. He spent much of his adult life preaching and healing those afflicted by the plague. Bernardine’s devotion drew several to his preaching’s, as he stood for a relation between Church ethics and morality.

b. 9/8/1380,1taly d.5/20/1444,Aquila, Italy

Patronage: Advertisers, Against Lung, chest, & respiratory problems, Gambling Addicts, Public Relations

Feast Day: May 20

Memorial Day May 20


ST. BERNARD of CLAIRVAUX– Patron of Beekeepers/Candle makers

Born in 1090, he was the 3rd child of parents belonging to the highest Nobility of Burgundy. He studied literature and poetry in school and had a special devotion to the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven. At age 22 he felt a calling of God to enter the Cistercian Monks of Citeaux. He lived 40 years in cloister where it is said he helped plan the 2nd Crusade. He died at the age of 63 and was Canonized a Doctor of Church.

b.1090 Burgundy, France d. 8/20/1153 Clairvaux Abbey, Aube, France

Patronage: Bees, Beekeepers, Candlemakers, Cistercians, Knights Templar, Burgundy, France

Feast Day: August 20

Memorial Day Aug 20


ST. BERNARD of MONTJOUX– Patron of Skiers/Mountain Climbers

In the time of Bernard, travelers crossed the snowy Alpine Mountains during the winter. Bernard, also known as Bernard of Menthon, set up rest stops on two of the mountaintops, and helped clear the mountains of robbers. His successors raised dogs for search and rescue atop these mountains and labeled them Saint Bernards.

b. c.923 Menthon, Savoy d.1008 Novara, Italy

Patronage: Mountaineers, Skiers, Alps, Alpinists

Feast Day: May 28

Memorial Day May 28


ST. BLAISE– Patron of Throat Ailments

Blaise was known as a healer of men and animals. Running from persecution against his religion, he settled in a cave. It is said that injured animals would come to him for aid but would never disturb him while in prayer. Hunters of Agricola, governor of Cappadocia, found animals collected outside his cave, and upon seeing him in prayer, arrested him. While imprisoned he saved a child from choking on a fish bone. He was eventually martyred by being beaten and skinned with iron combs, and then beheaded.

b. Armenia d. c.316 AD

Patronage: Animals, Builders, Choking, Veterinarians, Throats, Infants, Carvers, Wool workers. Feast Day: February 3

Memorial Day Feb 3


ST. BONAVENTURE– Patron of Bowel Disorders

Bonaventure suffered from a perilous sickness when a child, but the prayers of Saint Francis of Assisi saved him. He joined the Order of Friars Minor at the age of 22 and studied philosophy in France. As a friend to Thomas Aquinas and King Saint Louis IX, he became a doctor of theology.

b. 1221 Tuscany, Italy d. 7/15/1274 Lyon, France

Patronage: Against intestinal problems, Cochiti Indian Pueblo, Bagnoregio, Italy

Feast Day: July 15

Memorial Day Jul 15


ST. BONIFACE– Patron of Tailors/Brewers

Boniface was a Benedictine monk and a missionary. He used native traditions to convert Germans to Christianity. He destroyed pagan idols and built churches in their place. He and 52 of his followers were eventually martyred in Holland by a group of pagans.

b. c.673-680 Devonshire, England d. 6/5754 Nederlands

Patronage: Diocese of Fulda, Germany; Brewers, Tailors

Feast Day: June 5

Memorial Day Jun 5


ST. BRENDAN the NAVIGATOR– Patron of Sailors/Mariners

Saint Brendan established monasteries and traveled the seas, but little is truthfully known of his voyages. It is said he encountered mermaids and sailed to the Americas, but there is no proof to support the tales.

b. 460 Ireland d. 577 Ireland

Patronage: Boatmen, Divers, Mariners, Travelers, Whales

Feast Day: May 16

Memorial Day May 16


ST. BRIDGET of SWEDEN– Patron of Widows/Sweden

Bridget was born to a wealthy landowner and was married to Prince Ulfo of Nercia at the age of thirteen. She mothered eight children, one of which is Saint Catherine of Sweden, and was lady-in-waiting to Queen Blanche of Namur. After the death of her husband, she turned to a life of religion, rejecting the title of princess. She founded the Order of the Most Holy Savior in Sweden, which still has a few houses remaining today.

b. c.1302 Uppsala, Sweden d. 7/23/1373 Rome, Italy

Patronage: Widows, Europe, Sweden

Feast Day: July 23

Memorial Day Jul 23


ST. BRIGID of IRELAND– Patron of Infants/Ireland

The daughter to a pagan Scottish king and a Christian slave, Brigid grew to be a beautiful women. She renounced her beauty, praying to become ugly, so her many suitors would be turned away. She became a nun and established convents all around Ireland. She also invented the double monastery, the monastery of Kildara, which housed both monks and nuns.

b. c.458 Faughart, County Louth, Ireland d. 524, Kildare, Ireland

Patronage: Babies, Blacksmiths, Boatmen, Dairymaids, Cattle, Travelers, Children with abusive Family members.

Feast Day: February 1

Memorial Day Feb 1


ST. BRUNO– Patron of Possessed People

Bruno was born into an illustrious family, endowed with rare natural gifts. Once his education was complete he was ordained a priest. He retreated to a mountain following a vision, becoming a hermit to be closer to God. Here, he founded the first house of the Carthusian Order. He and his six companions spent their days barely sleeping, copying manuscripts, and praying.

b.1030 Cologne, Germany d. 10/6/1101 Calabria, Italy

Patronage: Monastic fraternities, Possessed people, Trademarks, Ruthenia

Feast Day: October 6

Memorial Day Oct 6


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Saint C’s



ST. CAMILLUS of LELLIS– Patron of Hospitals/Nurses

Camillus was a strongly built man, reaching the height of six and a half feet. He became a successful soldier and spent his money gambling, losing even the shirt off his back. He decided to become a monk, but was denied the pleasure because of a leg injury, so he went on to work in a hospital. Later he founded the Congregation of the Servants of the Sick, a group of male nurses who cared for the sick, both in hospitals and at home.

b. 5/25/1550 Naples, Italy d. 7 /14/1614 Genoa, Italy

Patronage: Nurses, Hospital workers, Against sickness

Feast Day: July 18

Memorial Day Jul 18


ST. CASIMIR of POLAND– Patron of Bachelors/Poland

A Polish prince, Casimir was a failure in his father’s eyes. He refused to marry the daughter of an Emperor, swearing himself to celibacy. He died a young man of twenty-six from tuberculosis. He is known for his charitable work towards the needy.

b. 10/3/1458, Krakow, Poland d. 3/4/1484, Grodno, Lithuania

Patronage: Bachelors, Lithuania, Poland

Feast day: March 4

Memorial Day Mar 4


ST. CATHERINE LABOURE– Patron of The Miraculous Medal

ST. Catherine Labouré, born Zoe Laboure, was one of eleven children born to a farm family. On July 18, 1830, Catherine witnessed a vision of the Virgin Mary in which Our Lady revealed the medal of the Immaculate Conception, also known as the Miraculous Medal.

b. 5/2/1806, Fain-les-Moûtiers, Côte d’Or, Burgundy, France d. 12/31/1876, Enghien-Reuilly, France

Patronage: Miraculous medal, Elderly people, pigeons

Feast Day: November 25

Memorial Day Nov 25


ST. CATHERINE of ALEXANDRIA– Patron of Librarians/Lawyers

Catherine converted to Christianity during the reign and persecutions of Emperor Maximinus, who imprisoned her for her faith. Despite his attempts, every one who came to convince her to abandon her faith ended up converting. Initially condemned to die on the spiked wheel, a single touch from her destroyed the wheel, leading to her beheading.

b. c. 287, Alexandria, Egypt d. c.305, Alexandria, Egypt

Patronage: Craftsmen who work with wheels, unmarried girls, educators, nurses, Philosophers, lawyers.

Feast Day: November 25

Memorial Day 41968


ST. CATHERINE of BOLOGNA– Patron of Artists/Liberal Arts

An Italian nun and artist, Catherine, was raised at the court of the Duke of Ferrera before entering the convent of Corpus Dominici. She later helped to found a monastery for the Poor Clares, where she was made abbess. A fan of the arts, her role as abbess drew several members to the monastery.

b. 9/8/1413 d. 3/9/1463

Patronage: Artists, Against temptations

Feast Day: March 9

Memorial Day March 9


ST. CATHERINE of SIENA– Patron of Fire Prevention

Catherine, the youngest of 24 children, received a vision of Jesus along with Saints Peter, Paul, and John. Jesus blessed her and she dedicated herself to him, refusing arranged marriages. As an adult she was sought out as a spiritual director and gained a group of followers. It was during the Great Schism of Christianity in 1378 that she offered herself as a sacrifice for the Roman Church.

b.3/25/1347, Siena, Italy d.4/29/1380 Rome, Italy

Patronage: Nurses, The sick, Against sexual temptations, Those ridiculed for their piety, Fire prevention.

Feast Day: March 29

Memorial Day Apr 29


ST. CATHERINE OF SWEDEN– Patron of Miscarries/Anti-Abortion

Catherine married young, and both she and her husband lived a life of virginity and chastity until his death. She later travelled and lived with her mother, St. Bridget of Sweden, who had called for the Order of the Holy Savior, or the Bridgetteines. After the death of St. Bridget, Catherine fully formed the order and soon became friends with St. Catherine of Siena.

b. c.1331 Sweden d. 3/24/1381

Patronage: Protection against abortion and miscarriage

Feast Day: March 24

Memorial Day March 24


ST. CECILIA– Patron of Musicians/Singers

Cecilia promised her virginity to God, but her parents married her anyway. On her wedding day, she played the organ and had her husband baptized. When his faith was learned, he was martyred. Cecilia buried her husband and was suffocated and beheaded for the act.

Patronage: Musicians, Poets, Singers, Composers

Feast Day: November 22

Memorial Day Nov 22


ST. CHARLES BORROMEO– Patron of Catechists/Seminarians

Charles Borromeo was part of a noble and prosperous family. He became a lawyer and was appointed cardinal, but he is known for the colleges and hospitals he built with his vast wealthy. He was a leader by example, taking care of the sick and the dying.

10/2/1538, Novara, Italy d. 11/3/1584, Milan, Italy

Patronage: Stomach diseases, catechists, spiritual leaders, orchards

Feast Day: November 4

Memorial Day Nov 4



Also known as St. Gregory of Nazianzen, Christian became a monk at a monastery established by Saint Basil. He helped to bring Arians back to the Faith, and when he felt his mission was accomplished, he retired and became a hermit.

b. 330 AD, Cappadocia d. 1/25/390, Cappadocia

Patronage: Harvests, Poets

Feast Day: January 2

Memorial Day Jan 2


ST. CHRISTINA the ASTONISHING– Patron of Psychiatrists/Therapists

Christina suffered an epileptic seizure at age 21 and was believed to have died. At her funeral Mass, she levitated to the Church roof, awoke, and announced she had been sent back to pray for the souls trapped in purgatory. Living in poverty and behaving strangely around strangers, she was remembered as both holy but insane.

b. 1150 Brusthem (near Liege, Belgium) d. 7/24/1224 Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Patronage: Therapists, Psychiatrists, Millers, Mental health disorders and workers.

Feast Day: July 24

Memorial Day July 24


ST. CHRISTOPHER– Patron of Travelers/Motorists

Christopher was a well-built man, who one day, came upon a hermit who guided travelers to safe points to cross a dangerous river. The hermit taught him the truth of God. Christopher took the place of the hermit but instead of guiding travelers to safe places, he would carry them across the river. He once carried a small child who later revealed himself as Christ and baptized Christopher.

Patronage: Bachelors, Travelers, Storms, Mariners, Holy death, Toothache, Air Force

Feast Day: July 25

Memorial Day Jul 25


ST. CLARE of ASSISI– Patron of Eyes/Television

Born Chiara Offreduccio, July 16, 1194, Saint Clare was beautiful, rich, and had a number of suitors. On the night of Palm Sunday, Clare left her palace home, wearing her finest clothes. She met Saint Francis of Assisi, who gave her the veil of religious profession. She founded the Order of Poor Ladies of San Damiano and wrote their rule of life, which strictly adhered to Franciscan rules. After her death, the order was renamed in her honor, The Order of Saint Clare; also known as the Poor Clares.

b. 7/16/1194 Assisi, Italy d. 8/11/1253 Assisi, Italy

Patronage: Eye disease, Laundry workers, Goldsmiths, Television Writers

Feast Day: August 11

Memorial Day Aug 11


ST. CLAUDE de la COLOMBIERE– Patron of Toy Makers/Turners

Claude joined the Society of Jesus and vowed to follow every principle and rule made by the Order. Made superior of a Jesuit residence in Burgundy, he met Margaret Mary Alacoque and later served as her confessor. Claude was reassigned to preach for the Duchess of York, Mary of Modena before being arrested on suspicion of plotting against the throne.

b. 2/2/1641, France d. 2/15/1682, France

Patronage: Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Feast Day: February 15

Memorial Day 41685


ST. CLEMENT– Patron of Sailors/Sick Children

Pope Clement of Rome was the fourth Pope as well as the first Apostolic Father of the Church. A successor to St. Peter, he was imprisoned during the persecutions by Emperor Trajan, during which he found water for thirsty miners. He was executed for his faith by being tied to an anchor and tossed into the sea.

b. 1st century AD,Rome d. c. 99 – 101, Bosporan, Crimea

Patronage: Mariners, stone- cutters

Feast Day: November 23

Memorial Day 41966


ST. COLETTE– Patron of Loss of Parents

Short for Nicolette, her mother was 60 and expectedly barren when she gave birth to her. Colette was orphaned at the age of 17. Rather than marrying, she wanted to live a religious life. As an adult, she transferred from the Beguines to the Order of Poor Clares, and was instructed to raise monasteries for then-current Pope Benedict XIII. Up to her death, she raised 18 monasteries, all advocating living in poverty.

1/13/1381, Duchy of Burgundy -3/6/1447, Duchy of Burgundy

Patronage: Expectant mothers, Sick children, Loss of parents

Feast Day: March 6

Memorial Day Mar 6


ST. COLUMBANUS– Patron of Motorcyclists

Columbanus, one of the earliest identifiable Hiberno-Latin writers, rejected the idea of easy access to worldly pleasures, and led a life as a missionary. He gained such loyalty as a foreign missionary that he ran into conflict with several bishops and corrupt officials. Travelling to France, the Alps, and Italy, he was known for several miraculous healings as well as the 12-part Rule of Saint Columbus. It is said that a bear occupied a cave needed by Columbanus for prayer, and upon be asked to leave, the bear left. It is also said that he tamed a bear, and yoked it to a plough when a monastery needed help in their fields.

b. 543 AD Leinster, Republic of Ireland

d. 11/21/615 AD Bobbio, Italy

Patronage: Motorcyclists, Floods

Feast Day: November 23

Memorial Day Nov 23


ST. COLUMBKILLE– Patron of Scotland

Columbkille, also called Columba, passed much of his time as a monk and priest reading and writing the Scriptures. During the reign of Irish King Diarmaid, Columbkille was exiled to Iona, Scotland where he built and headed several monasteries until his death. He is known as one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland, not to be confused with St. Columba of Terryglass.

b. 12/7/521 Garton, Ireland d. 6/9/597 Iona, Scotland

Patronage: Ireland, Scotland, Against floods, Poets

Feast Day: June 9

Memorial Day 43260


ST. CORNELIUS– Patron of Earache/Animals/Epilepsy

Saint (Pope) Cornelius was the Bishop of Rome until his Martyrdom in 253. Emperor Decius persecuted Christians, ordering all Citizens to perform a religious sacrifice or face death. Many Christians refused and were martyred. After Decius was killed in Battle, Cornelius became pope over his rival Novatian, and accepted Christians who had abandoned their faith under Decius. The Church regrew and prospered under his papacy until the reign of Emperor Gallus brought a new persecution to the faith. Pope Cornelius was exiled to Italy, where he died in May of 253.

d. c. 253

Patronage: Earaches, Domestic animals, Cattle, Epilepsy

Feast Day: September 16

Memorial Day Sept 16


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Saint D’s



ST. DAMIEN of MOLOKAI– Patron of People with Leprosy

Born Joseph de Veuster in Belgium, he joined the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in place of his brother. Sent to Hawaii, he was ordained a bishop and sent to work with people with leprosy. Moved by their suffering, he spent 16 years caring for their needs until he also caught the disease. He was described as the Martyr of charity

b. 1/3/1840, Belgium d. 4/15/1889, Molokai, Hawaii

Patronage: People with leprosy.

Feast Day: May 10

Memorial Day May 10


ST. DANIEL– Patron of Prisoners

(Daniel the Prophet) The name Daniel in Hebrew means God is my Judge. He was known to be very wise and all-knowing. He received visions from God and deciphered dreams. The most popular story of Daniel is of him in the lions den. In a jealous fit, Daniels’ rivals cast him in to a pit of lions, but God sent an angel to keep the lions jaws closed. Feast Day: July 21

Memorial Day 42937



On Daniel’s first African mission, he was immediately made aware of the amount of work he had to do, but fell ill before any of it could be done. Believing in Save Africa through Africa he made several missionary trips through Europe to collect funds and lay people, and also established many institutions. He believed the African people should be given a helping hand, rather than trying to direct them like children. Before his death, he educated the people in science, geography, and religion while opposing the slave trade.

3/15/1831, ltaly-10/10/1881, Africa

Patronage: slaves, multilingual persons

Feast Day: October 10

Memorial Day Oct 10


ST. DARIA– Patron of Salzburg / Eissel

Daria, a Roman Vestal Virgin, converted to Christianity in order to marry St. Chrysanthus. After marrying through a virginal matrimonial union, they went on to convert several Romans. Because this was illegal, they were imprisoned by Tribune Claudius. While held prisoner, they converted Claudius and his family before they were all martyred by the emperor.

Patronage: Eissel, Germany; Salzburg, Austria.

Feast Day: October 25

Memorial Day Oct 25


ST. DAVID of WALES– Patron of Doves/Wales

Although little is known about David historically, legends of his teachings and life still remain, but are considered debatable. He and his his Welsh monks worked with out the help of animals and often in silence. His depiction of standing on a hill with a dove on his shoulder relates to a moment when he was believed to have been lifted by the dove to preach to the world. He is considered to be one of the most important and well-known British patron saints.

b. c. 542 Menevia, Wales d. c. 601 Mynyw, Wales

Patronage: Wales, Poets, Vegetarians, Doves

Feast Day: March 1

Memorial Day Mar 1



Deborah was the fourth Judge of Israel, the only female Judge, who acted as God’s spokesperson and prophetess. She summoned Barak, son of Abinoam and instructed him to gather an army against King Jabin’s army, led by general Sisera. Deborah prophesized Barak’s victory and peace for Israel. Accounts of the battle were written as a victory hymn called the Song of Deborah.

Memorial Day Nov 1


ST. DENNIS– Patron of Headaches/Against Frenzy

Dennis, or Denis, was one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and became the first Bishop of Paris. He was martyred by beheading. It is said that after he was decapitated, he carried his head miles away from his execution site, preaching the whole way. His converts later buried his corpse.

b. 3rd century Italy d. c.258 Montmarte

Patronage: France, Paris, Headaches, Against frenzy, Hydrophobia, Strife

Feast Day: October 9

Memorial Day Oct 9


ST. DISMAS– Patron of Penitent Criminals

Also called the Penitent Thief, Dismas was one of the thieves crucified with Jesus and defended Him from his fellow thief’s insults. One story detailed how two thieves came across the Holy Family during their travels in Egypt. Dismas is said to have seen something in the Infant Jesus and urged his partner to leave the family alone, and they did.

d. c.30 Jerusalem

Patronage: Prisoners, Repentant thieves, Funeral directors

Feast Day: March 25

Memorial Day Mar 25


ST. DOMINIC de GUZMAN– Patron of Astronomy

Dominic founded the Friars Preachers, later called the Dominicans, in the year 1215. The Dominicans symbol is a dog with a torch in its mouth, which was a vision had by Blessed Joan, the mother of her soon to be son, while pregnant. There are tales that Dominic brought deserving people back to life, and he once met a beggar, whom he’d had a vision of prior to meeting, who also did noble things for the Faith. The beggar was actually Saint Francis of Assisi.

b. 1170 Calaruega, Burgos, Old Castile

d. 8/6/1221 Bologna, Italy

Patronage: Astronomers, Falsely accused people, Scientists

Feast Day: August 8

Memorial Day Aug 8


ST. DOMINIC SAVIO– Patron of Juvenile Delinquents

Dominic died at the age of fifteen, and is one of the youngest Saints canonized. Studying to become a priest under John Bosco, he became ill and died. The houses he lived in before his death are now retreats for teenagers and children.

b.2/1842,1taly- 3/9/1857, Italy

Patronage: Choirboys, falsely accused people, Juvenile delinquents

Feast Day: March 9

Memorial Day Mar 9


ST. DOROTHY– Patron of Florists/Brides

Dorothy made a vow of virginity and refused to marry. She was martyred for her beliefs and mocked by Theophilus, a spectator at her execution. He told her to send him fruit from the heavenly garden where she would be going. A child angel brought him roses and fruits upon her death, which made him convert his faith. He wound up having the same martyrdom as Dorothy.

Patronage: Florists, Brides, Brewers, Midwives

Feast Day: February 6

Memorial Day Feb 6


ST. DROGO– Patron of Coffee Houses/Deaf People

When Drogo found out his mother died in childbirth, he spent years punishing himself for it, at one point becoming a pilgrim. After travelling, he became a shepherd but soon came down with a disease that deformed his face. A cell was constructed for him in the Church where he lived alone, out of sight, surviving only on barley, water and the Holy Eucharist until his death.

b.3/14/1105 d. 4/16/1186 Sebourg, France

Patronage: Cattle, Shepherds, Sick people, Deaf people, Against gall stones, Against hernias

Feast Day: April 16

Memorial Day 41745


ST. DUNSTAN– Patron of Blacksmiths/Jewelers

Dunstan had the gift of prophecy and he committed himself to the Church after suffering a skin disease, possibly leprosy. As Abbot of Glastonbury, he set himself to reinstating monastic life. He served as a religious advisor to Kings Eadred and Eadwig and became Archbishop of Winchester before retiring to Canterbury.

b. 909 Glastonbury, England d. 5/19/988 Canterbury, England

Patronage: Blacksmiths, Goldsmiths, Musicians, Silversmiths.

Feast Day: May 19

Memorial Day May 19


ST. DYMPHNA– Patron of Mental Illness/Runaways

Dymphna was the beautiful daughter of a grief stricken Irish warlord. When his wife, her mother, died, he searched the world for a maiden as fair. He realized that his daughter was as beautiful and made advances on her. She fled her home, and upon being found by her father, was killed by his madness. The site of her death is known for healing the insane and possessed.

b. Ireland d. Belgium

Patronage: Mental disorders, Runaways, Depression, Victims of incest

Feast Day: May 15

Memorial Day May 15


Saint E’s


Edburga, or Eadburh, was the daughter of King Edward the Elder of England. Little is known about her life as a youth, yet it is said that at the age of three, she chose religious articles over royal jewelry and toys for enjoyment. She spent her adult life as a nun at the Nunnaminster in Winchester before her death.

d. 6/15/960

Feast Day: June 15

Memorial Day 41805


ST. EDITH STEIN– Patron of Martyrs/Loss of Parents

Also known as Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Edith was a child from a Jewish family. She converted to Catholicism when she realized her lack of faith in Judaism. Following her baptism, she began teaching at a Catholic school, but was forced to quit in 1933 due to Nazi government Laws. In 1938 her and her sister, also a Catholic convert, were sent to a Carmelite monastery in the Netherlands. Both were arrested in 1942 by the Nazis and died in the concentration camp at Auschwitz.

b. 10/12/1891 Breslaw, Germany

d. 8/9/1942 Auschwitz concentration camp

Feast Day: August 9

Patronage: Europe, Loss of parents, Converted Jews, Martyrs

Memorial Day Aug 9


ST. EDMUND CAMPION– Patron of Wales

An English Roman Catholic Jesuit priest and martyr. Edmund had planned to be a bookseller like his father, but earned a scholarship and went to College instead. While conducting an underground ministry in Anglican England, Campion was arrested by priest hunters, Convicted of high treason, and hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn.

b.1/24/1540, London, England- d.12/1/1581, Tyburn, England

Patronage: Wales, Writers

Feast Day: December 1

Memorial Day Dec 1


ST. EDMUND of EAST ANGLIA– Patron Saint Against Plague

Edmund the Martyr was made King of East Anglia after his father’s death and served to uphold justice for all his people. When his kingdom was invaded by the Great Heathen (Viking) Army, he was imprisoned to avoid bloodshed. Despite tortures, he refused to renounce his religion and was executed.

Edmund of East Anglia- (Edmund the Martyr, St. Edmund)

b. 841- d.11/20/869 Nuremburg, Germany d. 11/20/870 Suffolk, England

Patronage: Kings, Pandemics, Wolves, Torture victims, Against plague

Feast Day: November 20

Memorial Day Nov 20


ST. EDWARD the CONFESSOR– Patron of Difficult Marriages

Edward became one of the last Anglo-Saxon Kings of England and was well liked by his citizens. He was known for his generosity and his love for God. He married for his people but remained celibate for his God. He built many churches, including Westminster Abbey.

b. 1003 Oxford, England d.1/5/1066 London, England

Patronage: Difficult marriages , Separated spouses, Kings

Feast Day: October 13

Memorial Day Oct 13


ST. EDWIN– Patron of Homeless People

Born a Pagan in a Royal family, Edwin spent his life on the run after the throne was seized by Ethebric of Bernicia and his son Ethelfrid. After Ethelfrid’s death, Edwin took the throne as king and later converted to Christianity. He worked to evangelize his people, and his successes as king eventually became powerful enough for him to be called Overlord.

Edwin died in battle against a Pagan King, Penda of Mercia, in 633.

b. 585 England d. 633 in battle with pagan Welsh and Mercians at Hatfield Chase, England

Patronage: Kings, Converts, Homeless people, Large Families

Feast Day: October 12

Memorial Day Oct 12


ST. ELIGIUS– Patron of Metalworkers

Eligius started as a metalworker before his talents accepted him into King Clotaire II’s employ. Eligius became religiously important to the royalty, advising foreign ambassadors, founding monasteries, organizing decent burials for criminals, and freeing slaves He continued to serve his faith and the royal family until his death in 650.

b. c 588, Aquitaine, France d. 12/1/660, Noyon, France

Patronage: Metal Workers, Goldsmiths, Tool makers, Horses & Horsemen, Veterinarians

Feast Day: December 1

Memorial Day Dec 1


ST. ELIZABETH ANN SETON– Patron of Loss of Parent or Child

Born into a wealthy, Episcopalian family, Elizabeth Ann (Bayley) was raised in New York City. At the age of 19 she married a wealthy businessman and later became a mother to five children. Her husband’s business failed, and he shortly after passed away of tuberculosis. Elizabeth, needing to raise and educate her children, established a school in Boston, Massachusetts. She also opened a girl’s Catholic school in Baltimore, Maryland, and founded the Sisters of Charity in 1805.

b.8/28/1774, New York City, D. 1/4/1821, Emmitsburg, Maryland

Patronage: Catholic Schools, State of Maryland, Loss of Parents & children,

The poor.

Feast Day: January 4

Memorial Day Jan 4


ST. ELIZABETH of HUNGARY– Patron of Bakers/Homeless

Elizabeth, the daughter of King Andrew of Hungary, had an arranged marriage at the age of 13 to Prince Louis of Thuringa. She frequently tended to the sick and poor, but her in-laws did not approve of her or her actions, and she was banished from the castle after their sons death. She gave up all her possessions to take care of their four children. She often gave gifts of bread to the poor, which is why she is the Patron Saint of Bakers.

b. 1207 Presburg, Hungary d. 1231 Marburg, Germany

Patronage: Bakers, Dying Children, Exiles, Homeless People, Nursing Services

Feast Day: November 17

Memorial Day Nov 17


ST. ELIZABETH of the VISITATION– Patron of Expectant Mothers

Elizabeth was the cousin of the Virgin Mary and mother of St. John the Baptist. She was visited by Gabriel, who prophesized her giving birth, and was visited by Mary when She was also announced to conceive later. Nothing else is known or said about her beforehand or afterward.

b. 1st century BC d. 1st century AD

Patronage: Expectant mothers, Pregnant women; Diocese of Fulda, Germany

Feast Day: September 23

Memorial Day 43366


ST. ELMO– Patron of Stomach Diseases

Also known as Erasmus, Saint Elmo fled from Italy during Diocletian’s persecutions. When found, Elmo was set on fire, which can be linked to the phenomenon Saint Elmo’s fire that is named for him. He was one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, protecting domestic animals.

d. c.303 at Formiae, Italy

Patronage: Sailors, Stomach Problems, Women in labor

Feast Day: June 2

Memorial Day Jun 2


ST. EMILY de VIALAR– Patron of Single Laywomen

Born after the French revolution and during a time of anti-Church beliefs, Emily was baptized in secret and taught religion in her home by her mother. She continued to practice privately until her grandfather passed away, leaving her with a large inheritance. Using that money, Emily and three other women established the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition. She is credited with establishing over 40 houses through out Asia, Africa, and Europe.

b. 9/12/1797 Southern France d. 8/24/1856 Marseiles, France

Patronage: Single laywomen

Feast Day: August 24

Memorial Day 43336


ST. EPHREM– Patron of Spiritual Leaders

Ephrem fled his home city of Nisibis when Emperor Constantine I died and the Persians beseiged it. Settling in Edessa, he worked as a teacher, writing several hundred hymns and writings. His poetry, homilies and sermons lead to the first instance of singing in public worship.

b. c.306 at Nisibis, Mesopotamia d. 6/9/373 Edessa

Patronage: Spiritual directors and spiritual leaders.

Feast Day: June 9

Memorial Day June 9


ST. EUGENE de MAZENOD– Patron of Dysfunctional Families

The son of a poor French aristocrat, Eugene and his family fled France during the Revolution. His parents constantly fought, and after the Revolution the two divorced, an uncommon act at that time. He established over twenty parishes, and built or helped restore over 50 churches.

b. as Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod, 8/1/1782 France

d. 5/21/1861 Marseille, France

Patronage: Dysfunctional families

Feast Day: May 21

Memorial Day May 21


ST. EUSTACHIUS– Patron of Firefighters/Huntsmen

A Christian martyr and soldier saint, Eustachius was a Roman general named Placidus before converting to Christianity. While hunting near Rome, he saw a vision of a Crucifix lodged between a stag’s antlers. He was immediately converted, and soon had himself and his family baptized. Captured by Emperor Hadrian after being forced to live in poverty, he refused to revert his religion. He and his family were martyred together by being burned alive inside a bronze statue of a bull.

d. 188 Rome, Italy

Patronage: Trappers, Hunters, Fire Fighters, Difficult situations, Torture victims

Feast Day: September 20

Memorial Day 43363


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Saint F’s




Successor to Pope Anterus, Fabian most likely would not have been elected except for the landing of a dove on his head, which the electors recognized as a sign from the Holy Spirit. Fabian was elected Pope and spent his papacy appointing deacons and subdeacons to Rome and worked on the Chrisitan catacombs. His papacy ended with the reign of Emperor Decius and he became his earliest victim. b. c. 200 d. 1/20/250 Rome Feast Day: January 20

Memorial Day 41659


ST. FELICITY – Patron of Death of Children

Also known as Felicitas, she was devoted to charity. According to Christian legends, Felicity was a widow and mother of seven sons who were all imprisoned by pagan priests. She is said to have witnessed their beheadings before she herself, was also executed.

b. c.101, Rome, Roman Empire d. c.165, Rome, Roman Empire

Patronage: Parents who have lost a child in death, death of children, martyrs,

Male children, widows, mothers, butchers

Feast Day: November 23

Memorial Day Nov 23


ST. FIACRE – Patron of Gardeners

Born in Seventh Century Ireland, Fiacre desired isolation as a priest. He lived a life of great mortification, in prayer, vigil, and enjoyed manual labor in the garden. His reputation as a healer drew several followers, forcing him to relocate. Saint Faro, Bishop of Meaux, granted him land in Breuil, a region of Brie. Here, Fiacre built a small chapel in honor of the Virgin Mary, a hospice where he helped strangers, and a cell, for him to live in solitude. Although a woman accused him of sorcery, St. Faro called it a miracle.

d. 8/18/670

Patronage: Medicine, Gardeners, Venereal disease suffers

Feast Day: August 30

Memorial Day Aug 30


ST. FINA – Patron of Handicapped People

When Fina was a child she was struck with a painful paralysis, following the death of her parents. She found comfort in her faith, and people were fascinated with how she offered hope despite her sufferings. An admirer of St. Gregory the Great, she passed away on his feast day. White Violets bloomed from the pallet she died on. The violets were known as the Saint Fina Violets.

b.1238, San Gimignano, Italy- d.3/12/1253, San Gimignano, Italy

Patronage: Physically challenged people, Spinners.

Feast Day: March 12

Memorial Day March 12


ST. FINNIAN of CLONARD – Patron of Teaching/Sharing

One of the most famous Irish saints and fathers of Irish monasticism, Finnian established several monasteries and schools in Ireland, especially Clonard. The Clonard monastery educated several saints, including Columba of Iona, Nathy, Ciaran, and more. Finnian had a strong desire to learn, and travelled to both Britain and France while never ceasing his Biblical studies.

b. 470 at Myshall, County Carlow, Ireland d. 12/12/549 at Clonard, Meath, Ireland of the plague

Patronage: Teaching, Sharing

Feast Day: December 12

Memorial Day Dec 12


ST. FLORIAN – Patron of Fire Fighters

An officer in the Roman army, Florian privately embraced Christianity. It is said that with a single pail of water he kept a town from burning to the ground. He is the patron of things associated with fire for this act. Florian was Martyred during the persecutions of Diocletian, refusing to murder Christians and professing his own faith.

b. c.250, d. c.304, Enns River

Patronage: Firefighters, Chimney sweeps, Soap makers, Linz, Austria

Feast Day: May 4

Memorial Day May 4


ST. FRANCES CABRINI – Patron of Hospital Administrators

Frances Cabrini was the first United States citizen to be canonized. She was born in Italy and moved to New York to care for the poor children in hospitals, especially immigrants from Italy, which was why she founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Frances also opened many schools, orphanages, and hospitals, 67 in total, throughout the U.S., South America, and Europe.

b. 7/15/1850, Italy d. 12/22/1917 Chicago, IL

Patronage: Immigrants, Hospital Administrators, against Malaria

Feast Day: November 13

Memorial Day Nov 13


ST. FRANCES of ROME – Patron of Motorists

Frances was forced into marriage at age 12, but it was a happy one that lasted for 40 years and birthed 3 children. She and her sister-in-law Vannozza both dedicated their lives and wealth to helping the poor, despite losing two children to the plague. She later founded the monastery The Oblates of the Tor de’ Specchi, advocating no religious vows and pledged solely to help the unfortunate.

Frances’ patronage of drivers and vehicles is due to the stories that claim when she went abroad her guardian angel led her, lighting her path like a headlight, keeping her safe.

b.1384 Rome d. 1440 Rome

Patronage: Benedictine Oblates, Automobile drivers, Widows

Feast Day: March 9

Memorial Day March 9


ST. FRANCIS de SALES – Patron of Authors/Teachers/Deafness

Francis became a priest, to the dismay of his family who wanted him to carry on the family line and power of lawyers and politicians. He started to believe in predestination which made him sick with fear. While attending church one day, he overcame his fear and accepted that what God had planned for him was best, so he dedicated the rest of his life to God. His calm and gentle way won over his family, and many others. He was a writer, preacher, priest and Bishop, who would even use sign language to help get his message to the deaf. He helped to create the Order of the Visitation with Saint Jeanne de Chantal.

b. 8/21/1567 Château de Thorens, Savoy d. 12/28/1622 Lyon, France

Patronage: Confessors, Deaf people, Educators, Writers, Journalists.

Feast Day: January 24

Memorial Day Jan 24


ST. FRANCIS of ASSISI – Patron of Animals/Catholic Action

While Saint Francis is one of the most widely known and loved saints, he was a bit of a delinquent as a youth. As the son of a clothing merchant he received an excellant education, but did not convert his religious beliefs until he was a prisoner of war. Using the Gospels as rule, he visited hospitals, preached, and served the ill. After establishing a following, he founded the Franciscans. Saint Francis of Assisi was also known to receive the Stigmata throughout the last years of his life.

b. 1181 Umbria, Italy as Francis Bernardone d. 10/4/1226 Portiuncula, Italy

Patronage: Animals, The environment, Merchants, Stowaways, Zoos, Against dying alone

Feast Day: October 4

Memorial Day Oct 4


ST. FRANCIS XAVIER – Patron of Foreign Missions

Francis Xavier, born Francisco de Jaso y Azpilicueta, taught philosophy and set out to become a professor. His friend, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, told him to spread the Gospel. He would engage in foreign missions to help aid the poor. He was also a healer.

b. 4/7/1506, Javier Kingdom of Navarro, Spain d. 12/3/1552, Sancian, China

Patronage: African missions, Apostleship of Prayer, foreign missions.

Feast Day: December 3

Memorial Day 43437


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Saint G’s



ST. GABRIEL POSSENTI – Patron of College Students

The life of Gabriel of Our Lady of the Sorrows did not include any wonderful events. Gabriel devoted his life to the Passionist Order after Our Lady spoke to him. He was not shown full respect until after his death, when miracles would take place at his tomb.

b. 3/1/1838 Assisi, Papal States d. 2/27/1862 Isola di Gran Sasso, Italy

Patronage: Students, Youth, Clerics, Seminarians.

Feast Day: February 27

Memorial Day Feb 27


ST. GABRIEL the ARCHANGEL – Patron of Messengers

Often appearing as the messenger of God, Gabriel has appeared in several important events in Christianity. It was he who appeared before Daniel during his vision of the seventy weeks prophecy. It was also he who appeared before the Virgin Mary to preach her giving birth to Jesus.

In the Old Testament Gabriel is described as one who looked like man.

The New Testament describes him as An angel of the Lord.

Patronage: Messengers, Telecommunication Workers, Postal Workers.

Feast Day: September 29

Memorial Day Sept 29


ST. GEMMA GALGANI – Patron of Pharmacists

Gemma Galgani lost most of her family to tuberculosis. She herself was the sufferer of spinal meningitis and TB. She was cured of her meningitis while praying to Saint Gabriel Possenti. She also received the stigmata, the marks of the wounds of Christ during his crucifixion, and was often tempted by the Devil, once being possessed.

b. 3/12/1878 Tuscany,Italy d. Holy Saturday 4/11/1903 Lucca, Italy

Patronage: Students, Pharmacists, Those suffering from back pain, Headaches/Migraines, Temptations of impurity.

Feast Day: April 11

Memorial Day Apr 11


ST. GENESIUS of ROME – Patron of Actors/Comedians

A legendary Christian saint who was an actor, often mocking Christianity in his performances. One day while performing, he received a vision from God and converted his faith while on stage. Refusing to denounce his new found faith, he was ordered beheaded by Emperor Diocletian.

d. c. 303 Rome

Patronage: Actors, Lawyers, Barristers, Clowns, Comedians, People with epilepsy, Victims of Torture.

Feast Day: August 25

Memorial Day Aug 25


ST. GENEVIEVE – Patron of Women’s Army Corps

Genevieve took the veil from Saint Germanus of Auxerre at fifteen years old. She prophesized tragedies for Paris, making her unpopular among the citizens. She redeemed herself, in their eyes, by feeding the starved and encouraging the defense of France when the Franks invaded the country.

b. c.422, Nanterre, France d. c.500, Paris, France

Patronage: Paris

Feast Day: January 3

Memorial Day Jan 3


ST. GEORGE – Patron of Boy Scouts/Soldiers

George was a soldier who was martyred during the rule of Emperor Diocletian. The most familiar tale of Saint George is the slaying of the dragon. A dragon infested the lands in Libya and had eaten a vast amount of sheep. The locals, plagued by starvation, soon allowed the dragon to take women instead of sheep. Our Saint heard of the story and killed the dragon with a single blow, converting the locals to Christianity.

d. c.304 Lydda, Palestine

Patronage: Boy Scouts, Soldiers

Feast Day: April 23

Memorial Day Apr 23


ST. GERALD – Patron of Disabled People

Gerald was born into nobility, yet suffered through many illnesses while growing up and eventually ended up losing his sight. When his father passed away, Gerald took over as Count of Aurillac – he abandoned his belongings in order to better serve God. While he considered joining a religious order, he was convinced otherwise, and lived the rest of his life in chastity and as a layman. b. 855 Aurillac, France d. 909 Cenezac, France

Patronage: The disabled, handicapped, physically challenged, and Bachelors

Feast Day: October 13

Memorial Day 41925


ST. Gerard Majella – Patron of Expectant Mothers

Gerard was falsely accused of being the father of a pregnant woman’s child, and he maintained a role of silence on the issue. The woman eventually cleared him of the charges, making him the patron of all things in association with pregnancy.

b. 4/23/1725 Muro, Italy d. 10/16/1755 Campania, Italy

Patronage: Childbirth, Children, Expectant mothers, The falsely accused, Mothers, Pro-life movement; Basilicata, Italy

Feast Day: October 16

Memorial Day 43389


ST. GERMAINE COUSIN – Patron of Disabled/Abuse Victims

Saint Germaine was ignored and mistreated by her father and step-family, often fed leftovers, beaten, and forced to sleep in the barn. One winter, her stepmother accused her of stealing bread, but when Germaine showed her apron, summer flowers fell from it. She was then seen as a holy woman and was invited to live in the house, but she refused and continued living as she had while being abused. She was found deceased on her straw bed in her home at the age of 22.

b. 1579 Pibrac, France d. 1601 Pibrac, France

Patronage: Disabled, abused & sick people

Feast Day: June 15

Memorial Day Jun 15


ST. GERTRUDE of NIVELLES – Patron of Accommodations/Cats

Gertrude rejected a marriage to a noble man in pursuit of a religious life. She was renowned for her aid to travelers, and built a monastery with her mother, Blessed Ida, at Nivelles.

b. c.626, Landen, Belgium- d. 3/17/659, Nivelles

Patronage: Travelers, Gardners, Cats, Mental illness, Against fear of mice/rats

Feast Day: March 17

Memorial Day Mar 17


ST. GIANNA BERETTA MOLLA – Patron of Mothers/Physicians

After Gianna finished school studying medicine in Italy, she entered a religious life and married, but was unable to travel as a result of her chronic health problems. Having already given birth to three children, she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst around the time she was having her fourth. Denying an abortion, she gave birth to her child before dying a week later.

b. 10/4/1922, Magenta, Italy d. 4/28/1962, Monza, Italy

Patronage: Mothers, Physicians, Unborn children, Against abortion

Feast Day: April 28

Memorial Day Apr 28


ST. GILES – Patron of Cancer Patients

Born into a royal family in Athens, Giles wanted to avoid the popularity that came with royalty. After the death of his parents, he lived alone in solitary (Giles the Hermit). While living in a forest in Nimes on a vegetarian diet, he was found by anarchist King Wamba, whose troops accidentally crippled him with an arrow while hunting deer. King Wamba held Giles in high esteem and built him a monastery, Saint-Gilles-du-Gard, kept under Benedictine rule. He died in his monastery with the highest repute for sanctity and miracles.

b. Athens, Greece d. sometime between 710 – 724 France

Patronage: Cripples, Beggars, Hermits, Forests, Blacksmiths, Handicapped

Feast Day: September 1

Memorial Day Sept 1


ST. GRACE – Patron of Valencia, Spain

Also known as Gracia, Saint Grace and her siblings, Saint Bernard and Saint Mary, tried to convert their brother to the Faith. He gave them to the Moorish authorities, and they were martyred.

d.c.1180 Valencia, Spain – Martyr by torture for her faith

Patronage: Alcira, Valencia, Spain.

Feast Day: June 1

Memorial Day Jun 1


ST. GREGORY the GREAT – Patron of Musicians/Singers

Gregory was born to a wealthy family during the Byzantine Empire. He was a talented administrator and Lawyer who used those skills to establish papal supremacy. Using the money he made from selling his possessions, he was able to build Monasteries in Rome and Sicily. Gregory was the first monk to become Pope. As Pope, he sent Saint Austin to convert Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.

Patronage: Musicians, Singers, Students, Teachers

Feast Day: September 3

Memorial Day Sept 3


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Saint H’s



ST. HANNIBAL – Patron of Orphanages/Seminarians

Hannibal, or Annibale Maria di Francia, lost his father when he was fifteen months old. After experiencing the Revelation of Rogate as a young adult, he was ordained in 1878 and began working solely to help the impoverished, running and opening orphanages. He started the Anthonian Orphanages, the Daughters of Divine Zeal and the Rogationists as a testament to his mission to aid the unfortunate.

b. 7/5/1851 Messina, Italy d. 6/1/1927 Messina, Italy

Patronage: Orphans, Care for the poor, Vocations, Publishing

Feast Day: June 1

Memorial Day June 1


ST. HELEN – Patron of Difficult Marriages

Saint Helen converted to Christianity later in her life after the Peace of the Church in 313, which allowed Christians to practice religion without interference from officials. Her husband, Constantius, divorced her to pursue a political relationship. She was then left to care for their son, Constantine the Great, who would later become Emperor and legalize Christianity. She devoted herself to the Faith and became the Patroness of archaeologists because she unearthed the True Cross during a Pilgrimage to Syria Palaestina.

b. c. 246/50, Asia Minor d. c. 327/30, Rome

Patronage: Archaeologists, Difficult marriages, Divorced people, Converts

Feast Day: August 18

Memorial Day Aug 18


ST. HENRY II – Patron of Handicapped/The Childless

In 1014, Henry was crowned Holy Roman Emperor. He tried to establish peace in Europe, and succeeded in Germany. He married Saint Cunegunda, both prayerful people, but they never had children-hence his patronage of the childless.

b. 5/6/972 Bavaria, Germany d. 7/13/1024 Saxony

Patronage: Against sterility, Childless people, Benedictine Oblates; Basel, Switzerland

Feast Day: July 13

Memorial Day July 13


ST. HILDEGARD von BINGEN – Womens Education

Hildegard experienced visions, claiming that she saw all things in the light of God through the five senses. She wrote of theology and was consulted by kings and popes in a time when such a thing was not expected of women.

Hildegard is not officially canonized (she is beatified) but is referred to as a saint by many. She received her equipollent canonization on May 10, 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI.

b. 1098 Bermersheim (Germany) d. 9/17/1179 Bingen (Germany)

Patronage: Women’s Education

Feast Day: September 17

Memorial Day Sept 17


ST. HONORIUS of AMIENS – Patron of Bakers

Honorius, or Honoratus, was elected Bishop of Amiens even though he refused at first, believing himself to be unworthy. One legend claims that bread peels grew into a tree as he was made bishop, an act his nursemaid claimed would be just as unlikely as such. It is said that he discovered relics belonging to Victoricus, Fuscian, and Gentian during his role as Bishop.

b. Porthieu, Amiens, France d. 9/30/653 Porthieu, Amiens, France

Patronage: Bakers, Candle-makers, Florists, Flour merchants

Feast Day: May 16

Memorial Day May 16


ST. HUBERT of LIEGE – Patron of Archers/Hunters/Dogs

Hubert was a passionate hunter. While hunting on Good Friday, he received a vision of a crucifix between a stag’s antlers .

After the death of his wife, he became fully committed to converting to Christianity. Hubert handed over the care of his son to his Brother, and studied to become a priest. Hubert embraced ethical hunting behavior, holding animals in a higher regard as God’s creatures. He was known for converting pagans, and strengthening Christians.

b. 656 AD, Toulouse, France- d. 5/30/727 AD. Tervuren, Belgium

Patronage: Archers, Hunters, Dogs, Forest workers, Mathematicians, Metal workers, Opticians, Against Rabies

Feast Day: November 3

Memorial Day Nov 3


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Saint I’s



ST. IGNATIUS of LOYOLA – Patron of Soldiers

Ignatius was a soldier who was injured in battle and was limited to resting in bed. While recuperating from his injury he read The Life of Christ and The Golden Legend, which forever changed him. Upon recovery, he devoted himself to the Faith. He is the founder of the Society of Jesus.

b. 1491 Loyola, Guipuzcoa, Spain d. 7/31/1556 at Rome, Italy

Patronage: Jesuits, Society of Jesus, Soldiers

Feast Day: July 31

Memorial Day July 31


ST. ISAAC JOGUES – Patron of The Americas

Isaac Jogues was a missionary to the New World, particularly Canada. As a Jesuit Priest he converted as many as he could while working in North America. The living conditions were harsh and the locals would blame the Blackrobes for any poor luck, sicknesses, or other mishaps that arose. Isaac was captured by Native Americans and later tomahawked in the head by an Iroquois chief.

b. 1/10/1607, Orleans, France- d. 10/18/1646 (age 39), Ossernenon, Canada, New France.

Patronage: The Americas

Feast Day: October 19

Memorial Day Oct 19


ST. ISABELLA of PORTUGAL – Patron of Peace/Charities

Isabella, or Elizabeth, is the named for her great-aunt, Elizabeth of Hungary. Married at about age 10 to King Denis of Portugal, a poetic man who lacked morals, with whom Isabella dealt with years of abuse and adultery. Although she was mistreated, she continued to pray for his conversion. This family encountered many quarrels, including between King Denis and their son, Afonso, which Isabella was able to reconcile.

b.1271 Aragon, Spain d. 7/4/1336 Estremoz, Portugal

Patronage: Brides,Charitable societies & workers, Peace, Victims of adultery, Widows

Feast Day: July 4

Memorial Day July 4



Isaiah the Prophet was one of four in the Old Testament. He is well known for foretelling the birth of Jesus Christ, 700 years before his birth. Believed to have written the Book of Isaiah, he was martyred by being sawn in half.

Feast Day: July 6

Memorial Day July 6


ST. ISIDORE of SEVILLE – Patron of Computers/Internet

Saint Isidore is not the official patron of computers and the Internet, but he is widely considered to be the most likely candidate. During his time, the seventh century, he assembled an encyclopedia of everything known at the time. His supporters consider this the first database, which is their major reason for him to become patron of the Internet. He became Archbishop of Seville, Spain after his brother, c. 601.

b. c.560 Cartagena, Spain -d. 4/4/636 Seville, Spain

Patronage: Students, Internet/Computers.

Feast Day: April 4

Memorial Day Apr 4


ST. ISIDORE the FARMER – Patron of Agricultural Workers

Saint Isidore the Farmer would spend his days praying and churchgoing. His employer questioned how Isidore finished his work if he only ever prayed. The master went to the fields and found him praying near the trees while angels completed the farm duties.

b. c.1070, Madrid Spain d. 5/15/1130 Madrid, Spain

Patronage: Farmers, Peasants, Agriculture, and many countries

Feast Day: May 15

Memorial Day May 15


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Saint J’s




Jacob was the spiritual father of the Assyrian Ephrem the Syrian who practiced the ascetic method of life. He is known for ordering the first search for Noah’s Ark on the mountain of Mount Judi. He is also known for combatting Arianism, and allegedly prayed for the death of the Arian founder Arias.

d. c.338 at Nisibis, Mesopotamia

Patronage: Arbitrators

Feast Day: July 15

Memorial Day July 15


ST. JADWIGA of POLAND – Brides/Difficult Marriages

Jadwiga, or Hedwig, was the daughter of King Louis I of Poland, holding a large share of political power when he died. She soon married and converted a Pagan, Grand Duke Jagiello of Lithuania, and became actively involved in her kingdom’s political and cultural activities. Her marriage led to the union of the nations of Lithuania and Poland. She died at a young age during child birth, she and the baby were buried together.

b. 2/18/1374 in Buda d. 7/17/1399 in Kraków, Poland

Patronage: Charity, Education, Queens

Feast Day: July 17.

Memorial Day 42933


ST. JAMES the GREATER – Patron of Against Arthritis/Spain

One of the Twelve Apostles, James is the brother of Saint John the Evangelist. He was the first Apostle martyred by King Agrippa. Known as the Greater simply because he was an Apostle before James the Lesser. An interesting theory about him is that he may be the cousin of Christ because Mary may be his aunt.

d. 44 Jerusalem

Patronage: Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Equestrians, Rheumatoid sufferers, Spanish conquistadors, Veterinarians, Against arthritis

Feast Day: July 25

Memorial Day July 25


ST. JAMES the LESSER – Patron of Pharmacists

One of Jesus’ Apostles, Saint James was given the title the Lesser because he is the younger of the two Apostles named James. He is the brother of Saint Jude Thaddeus and a cousin of Jesus. It is said that he claimed to fast until Christ rose again and would have starved if Jesus had not appeared and made a meal for James.

d. c. 62 Jerusalem

Patronage: Apothecaries, Dying People, Pharmacists, Hat makers

Feast Day: May 3

Memorial Day May 3


ST. JANE of VALOIS – Loss of Parents/Widows

Jane was a sickly princess, daughter of King Louis XI, who was married at the age of nine. She prayed for her husband and cared for him, but when he became king, he annulled their marriage. Fully submitting to God, she helped establish the Order of the Annonciades/The Sisters of the Annunciation of Mary.

b. 4/23/1464 d. 2/4/1505 Bourges, France

Patronage: Poor Children, Loss of Parents, Widows, Education

Feast Day: February 4

Memorial Day Feb 4


ST. JANUARIUS – Patron of Blood Banks

Januarius’s life is largely unknown, but it is speculated that he was martyred during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. His body and blood were transferred to Naples, which has been attributed to several miracles. His blood is said to have halted eruptions of Mount Vesuvius, and many gather yearly to witness his blood’s liquefaction.

Patronage: Blood banks, Naples, Volcanic eruptions

Feast Day: September 19

Memorial Day 43362


ST. JASON – Patron of Those Named Jason/Converts

Jason is most commonly known for being a friend, and house host to St Paul during his second missionary journey. During St Paul’s stay, a mob attacked the house, but Jason would still go on to be the bishop of Tarsus and the evangelist of Corfu. Imprisoned by the King of Corfu, he converted the faiths of the seven Martyrs of Corfu before his execution.

Patronage: Converts

Feast Day: July 12

Memorial Day July 12


ST. JEANNE JUGAN – Destitute Elderly

Jeanne was known as a Mystic. As a teenager, she wished to help the poor and the elderly, eventually doing so as an adult. Collecting funds and teaching catechism, she gained a following of sisters and eventually founded the Little Sisters of the Poor. Calling herself Mother Mary of the Cross, she continued her work until her retirement.

b. 10/25/1792 Brittany, France d. 8/29/1879 Bretagne, France

Patronage: Destitute elderly

Feast Day: August 30

Memorial Day Aug 30


ST. JEROME – Patron of Libraries/Translators

Born a pagan, living a wild youth, Jerome was a lawyer before converting his faith. Feeling a need for isolation after becoming a monk, he lived as a hermit in the deserts of Syria. His biggest accomplishment was the revision of the Bible into Latin. He was a Doctor & Father of the Church, and was known for his teachings on Christian Moral Life.

b. 347 Strido, Dalmatia d. 9/30/420

Patronage: Archeologists, Archivists, Bible scholars, Librarians, Students, Translators

Feast Day: September 30

Memorial Day Sept 30


ST. JOACHIM – Patron of Fathers/Grandfathers

Joachim was the wife of St. Anne, the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and grandfather of Jesus Christ. Little historical evidence tells of Joachim’s life and his geneaology has been disputed by scholars. It is said that while he was away from home, both he and Anne received visions of the Virgin Mary’s impending birth.

Patronage: Fathers, Grandfathers, Grandparents

Feast Day: July 26

Memorial Day July 26


ST. JOAN of ARC – Patron of Soldiers/France

England controlled most of the land that is now France in the early 1400s. At this time, Joan of Arc was a farm girl who received a vision from Saints Margaret of Antioch, Michael the Archangel, and Catherine of Alexandria to find the true king of France. She led an army to defend France, but when she was captured the new King, Charles VII made no move to rescue her. She was burned at the stake after being accused of witchcraft.

b. 1/6/1412 Lorraine, France d. 5/30/1431 Rouen, France

Patronage: Women’s Army Corps, France, Soldiers

Feast Day : May 30

Memorial Day May 30


ST. JOHN BAPTIST de la SALLE – Patron of Educators/Teachers

Saint John the Baptist is often given the title of Father of Modern Education. He was born to a wealthy family and dedicated his life to helping the deprived and ignorant people of his town. He used his money to open schools for all boys, wealthy or not. Liquidating his personal belongings, he helped feed the poor during the great famine of 1683–1684.

b. 4/30/1651 Rheims, France d. 4/7/1719 France

Patronage: Educators, School Principals, Teachers

Feast Day: April 7

Memorial Day Apr 7


ST. JOHN BERCHMANS – Patron of Altar Servers

As a child, John worked as an altar boy and cared constantly for his ailing mother. As an adult, he joined the Society of Jesus, studied at the Roman College, and lectured at the Greek College before dying of unknown causes while defending his Faith. His piety was well-known, and his courtesy was important to him spiritually.

b. 3/13/1599 Driest, Brabant, Belgium d. 8/12/1621 Rome, Italy

Patronage: Alter servers, Jesuit scholastics and students

Feast Day: November 26

Memorial Day Nov 26


ST. JOHN BOSCO – Patron of Students/Apprentices

John (Don) Bosco helped to feed, shelter, and give education to many poor, urban children in his home city. He would perform magic tricks to amuse the children and taught them the Faith after the tricks.

b. 8/16/1815 Piedmont, Italy d. 1/31/1888 Turin, Italy

Patronage: School children, Young people, Magicians, Juvenile delinquents, Editors, Christian Apprentices.

Feast Day: January 31

Memorial Day Jan 31


ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM – Patron of Epilepsy/Orators

John was not a healthy man, but he was one of the most influential speakers of the time (Chrysostom means golden-mouthed in Greek). John took a major stand against political corruption, and was met with heavy opposition from the rich. Criticized for possilbly indulging in rich wine and food as well as heresy, John never ceased his lectures and sermons.

b. c.347 Antioch, Asia Minor d. 407

Patronage: Against epilepsy, Lecturers, Orators, Preachers, Teachers, Constantinople

Feast Day: September 13

Memorial Day Sept 13


ST. JOHN LICCI – Patron of Head Injuries

John’s mother died during childbirth leaving his father to care for him. Forced to leave him alone as a baby while he worked, a neighbor heard the cries of baby John and fed him next to her paralyzed husband. Her husband was miraculously cured.

As an adult, he oversaw the construction of the Saint Mary of the Angels, a partially built church he found abandoned in the woods, where his prayers produced several miracles. A member of the Dominican Order for 96 years and living for 111 years, he was able to avert a burglary by two outlaws, and healed at least three people with traumatic head injuries.

b. 1400, Sicily – d. 11/14/1511

Patronage: Against head injuries, Caccamo, Italy

Feast Day: November 14

Memorial Day Nov 14


ST. JOHN NEUMANN – Patron of Catholic Education

John Neumann was the first male American citizen to be canonized. He was a native of Europe, trying to become a priest in Bohemia. There was an abundance of priests, so in 1836 John made his way to New York, where there were only 36 priests for the nearly 200,000 Catholics in the states of New York and New Jersey. He settled in Buffalo and helped build dozens of churches and almost one hundred schools.

b.3/28/1811 Prachititz, Bohemia d.1/5/1860 Philadelphia, PA.

Patronage: Catholic education

Feast Day: January 5

Memorial Day Jan 5


ST. JOHN of CAPISTRANO – Patron of Judges/Military Chaplains

John started as a Lawyer in Naples before being appointed to Governor of Perugia. He later joined the Franciscan Order as a student under Saint Bernardine of Siena. John began preaching about Penance and established many Franciscan communities throughout Italy, Poland, and Russia. At the age of 70 he was commissioned to lead a Crusade against the Muslim Turks, commanding 70,000 Christians. He won the battle of Belgrade in 1456, and died a few months later in Hungary of natural causes.

b. 6/24/1386, Capistrano, Naples d. 10/23/1456, llok, Hungary

Patronage: Hungary, Jurists, Military Chaplains.

Feast Day: October 23

Memorial Day Oct 23


ST. JOHN of GOD – Patron of Alcoholics/The Sick

Juan Ciudad grew up in Spain and travelled over much of Europe and Africa while in the Army. While in his 40’s he received a vision from the Infant Jesus calling him ‘John of God’. From then on he turned to God and helped care for the sick and homeless. He converted many of his patients to the Faith and established the Order of Charity.

b. 3/8/1495 Evora, Portugal d. 3/8/1550 Granada, Spain

Patronage: Booksellers, hospitals, nurses, mentally ill and dying, alcoholics

Feast Day: March 8

Memorial Day Mar 8


ST. JOHN of the CROSS – Patron of Contemplatives

John was a member of the Carmelite Order and was planning to join the Carthusian Order until he met Teresa of Jesus (Saint Teresa of Avila). Becoming a follower, he joined her and began to work in reformation, which was met with opposition and imprisonment by the Spanish government. Becoming John of the Cross, he wrote several poems in prison and was later released.

He is widely known among the Hispanic world for his poem Noche Obscura del Alma (Dark Night of the Soul). In 1926, Pope Pius XI declared him a Doctor of the Church.

b. 1542, Spain d. 12/14/1591

Patronage: Contemplatives

Feast Day: December 14

Memorial Day Dec 14


ST. JOHN the APOSTLE – Patron of Engravers/Printers

Saint John was one of the Twelve Apostles and the closet to Jesus, and for this he was known as the beloved disciple. He was the brother of Saint James the Greater and a follower of Saint John the Baptist. Jesus made him the guardian of Our Lady.

d. c.101 at Ephesus (Modern Turkey)

Patronage: Engravers, Printers

Feast Day: December 27

Memorial Day Dec 27


ST. JOHN the BAPTIST – Patron of Auto Routes/Road Workers

John the Baptist was known most for his prophet work as well as his baptism practices. It is also agreed that it was he who baptized Jesus. He is also known for preaching the imminence of God’s final judgment to his followers.

d. c.30 at Machaerus

Patronage: Against epilepsy, Motorways, Baptism, Innkeepers, and Jordan, among many other places.

Feast Day: June 24

Memorial Day June 24


ST. JOHN VIANNEY – Patron of Confessors/Priests

John was determined to become a priest, but lacked in education, was terrible in Latin, and he was not an all around good student. He studied for years and although the process was difficult, he was ordained in 1815 at age 29. He was assigned to a small parish outside of Lyons which had very poor attendance. John decided he would make visits to the townspeople, especially the poor and the sick, which grew his parish – where he led by example.

Also known for helping to found the La Providence – a home for girls, and spent hours at a time partaking in the mortification of others.

b. 5/8/1786 Lyons, France

d. 8/4/1859 Ars, France

Patronage: Priests, Confessors

Feast Day: August 4

Memorial Day Aug 4


ST. JOSEMARIA ESCRIVA – Patron of Diabetes

Although growing up in a suffering family, Josemaria believed he was on a mission from God and studied both civil law and the priesthood. He founded Opus Dei to serve the Catholic Church and allowed women to serve as men would. His life and actions have been subject to much controversy, but he is still recognized for both the growth of Opus Dei and his spiritual puplication, The Way.

b. 1/9/1902 Barbastro, Spain d. 6/26/1975, Rome, Italy

Patronage: Opus Dei, diabetes Feast Day: June 26

Memorial Day June 26


ST. JOSEPH – Patron of Carpenters/Dying/Fathers

Joseph is known widely as the husband of the Virgin Mary and the father of Jesus Christ. He was believed to be a descendant from a royal lineage of David, King of Israel, but worked for the poor. He stayed with Mary and loved Jesus as his own son, both out of love, and concern for their safety.

d. Nazareth, 1st century

Patronage: Carpenters, Workers, Fathers, Immigrants, Protector of the Catholic Church and several countries

Feast Day: March 19

Memorial Day Mar 19



Born in Italy, Joseph was granted a mission to China by Fr. Arnold Janssen in 1879. He soon grew to admire Chinese culture and encouraged Christianity in the nation despite times of persecution. As a member of the Society of the Divine Word, he continued to preach and educate despite bouts of laryngitis, tuberculosis, and later typhus.

b.4/15/1852, Italy d. 1/28/1908, Taikia, China

Patronage: Missionaries

Feast Day: January 28

Memorial Day Jan 28



Cured of typhus, Joseph was ordained priest and served as secretary to Bishop Carlo Savio. Aspiring to start a new religious family, he founded the Congregation of the Oblates of St. Joseph, named for Jesus’s father. He was nominated as Bishop of Acqui and strove to unify the clergy and religious followers.

b. 12/26/1844, Turin, Italy- d. 5/30/1895, Savona, Italy

Patronage: Oblates of Saint Joseph, Diocese of Acqui, Youth

Feast Day: May 30

Memorial Day May 30


ST. JOSEPH of ARIMATHEA – Patron of Funeral Directors

Joseph served Jesus in secret for fear of persecution by the Jewish council, but was not present for His crucifixion. Once he heard the news, he was able to receive permission from Pontius Pilate to take His body and bury it. Joseph soon had a tomb built and laid Jesus’s body within it.

Patronage: Funeral directors

Feast Day: March 17

Memorial Day Mar 17


ST. JOSEPH of CUPERTINO – Patron of Pilots/Air Force

Joseph was an ignorant and poor child, who failed at shoemaking and became a priest. He was well known for his ability to miraculously levitate, leading to his patronage of all things flying. He was devoted to God and his life was overwhelmed with trances of happiness whenever the Faith was mentioned. Although he was not allowed to participate in the regular events of mass, and was moved around from one Capuchin or Franciscan house to another, he remained joyous and loyal to his faith.

Patronage: Pilots, Air travelers, Astronauts, Students, Test takers

Feast Day: September 18

Memorial Day Sept 18


ST. JOSEPH the WORKER – Patron of Workers

Saint Joseph (the Worker) was the husband of the Virgin Mary and adoptive father of Our Lord. He was a carpenter who obeyed any wish of God. Pope Pius XII began the memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker.

Patronage: Workers

Feast Day: May 1

Memorial Day May 1



Josephine had been a slave since she was a child, until she was bought by Callisto Legnani to work as a nanny. Baptized in Venice, it was later ruled that she was a free woman as slavery had been illegal in Sudan. As a free woman, she joined the Canossian sisters and remained faithful and good-natured.

b. 1868 Oglassa, Sudan d. 2/8/1947, Italy

Patronage: Sudan, Slavery

Feast Day: February 8

Memorial Day Feb 8


ST. JOSHUA – Patron of Those Named Joshua

Joshua was on of the 12 spies of Israel sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan. After Moses death, he led the Isrealites into Canaan. Not much else is known about him.

Patronage: Those named Joshua

Feast Day: September 1

Memorial Day Sept 1


ST. JUAN DIEGO – Patron of Americas/Natives

Juan Diego was a married farmer with no children. He converted to the Faith at an older age. He is most known for his vision of Our Lady in a small town north of Mexico City. She left behind an image that became known as Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Patronage: Americas, Natives

Feast Day: December 9

Memorial Day 43078


ST. JUDE THADDEUS – Patron of Desperate Situations

Jude Thaddeus was one of the chosen Twelve Apostles. He is the brother of Saint James the Lesser and a cousin of Jesus Christ, whom he greatly resembles. Saint Jude made missionary journeys, during which he preached and dispensed the Sacraments. Jude was martyred in Persia during the 1st Century; he was beaten to death and then beheaded.

Patronage: Lost causes, Desperate situations, Hospitals

Feast Day: October 28

Memorial Day Oct 28


ST. JULIA BILLIART – Patron Saint Against Poverty

Julia, or Julie, was born to a peasant family and was the sixth of seven children. At the age of fourteen, she took a vow of chastity and began educating the deprived. She became partially crippled at the age of 22, and then was miraculously healed after 22 years. Julia made many journeys throughout her life, and founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame, which was set up to teach Christian education to girls.

b. 7/12/1751 Picardy, France d. 4/8/1816 Namur, Belgium

Patronage: Against poverty, Bodily ills, Disease.

Feast Day: April 8

Memorial Day 43198


ST. JULIANA of CUMAE – Patron of Sickness

Juliana’s father was a pagan and promised her to a husband, but her dedication to Christianity and virginity caused her to refuse. She was abused and imprisoned under Emperor Maximianus before being martyred, all the while refusing to convert to paganism. Several accounts of her life exist, one of the most recognized is a detail provided by St. Gregory the Great.

d. c. 305

(also known as Juliana of Nicomedia)

Patronage: Sickness, Bodily ills, Sick people

Feast Day: February 16

Memorial Day Feb 16


ST. JULIE BILLIART – Patron Saint Against Poverty

Julia, or Julie, was born to a peasant family and was the sixth of seven children. At the age of fourteen, she took a vow of chastity and began educating the deprived. She became partially crippled at the age of 22, and then was miraculously healed after 22 years. Julia made many journeys throughout her life, and founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame, which was set up to teach Christian education to girls.

b. 7/12/1751 Picardy, France d. 4/8/1816 Namur, Belgium

Patronage: Against poverty, Bodily ills, Disease.

Feast Day: April 8

Memorial Day Apr 8


ST. JUSTIN – Patron of Philosophers/Lectures

Justin was baptized at the age of thirty. He used his skills as a philosopher to participate in debates. After winning one debate, the loser turned him over to authorities. Emperor Marcus Aurelius martyred him.

b. c.100 Nablus, Palestine d. 165 at Rome, Italy

Patronage: Philosophers, Lectures

Feast Day: June 1

Memorial Day June 1


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Saint K’s



ST. KATERI TEKAKWITHA – Patron of Environment

Kateri was the first Native American to become canonized. She was the daughter of a Christian woman, and ended up marrying a non-Christian Mohawk chief. When she converted to the Faith she was abused for her choice, and fled to a Christian Native American settlement. Many Christian Native Americans frequent her grave.

b. 1656 Ossermenon, Iroquois Confederacy (modern day NY) d. 4/17/1680, Caughnawaga, Canada

Patronage: Ecologists, people in exile, Native Americans, Environmentalists Feast Day: July 14

Memorial Day July 14


ST. KATHARINE DREXEL – Patron Saint Against Racism

Katharine Drexel was the daughter to wealthy parents. They taught her and her siblings to use their wealth for the good of others. She became a Missionary and gave herself to God, entering the Sisters of Mary Convent in Pittsburgh. By the time of her death, she had established black Catholic schools, mission centers, and the first colored college in the United States.

b. 1/26/1858, Philadelphia, PA.- d. 3/3/1955, Bensalem, PA. USA

Patronage: Philanthropy, Against Racism

Feast Day: March 3

Memorial Day Mar 3


ST. KENNETH – Patron of Monastery of Agahanoe

Also known as Cainnech or Canice, Kenneth was a shepherd before being ordained in 545, then blessed in Rome a few years later. A friend of St. Columba and a student of St. Finnian, he founded his principle monastery in Aghaboe and became one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland. He was also known for writing a commentary on the four Gospels.

There is legend that says Saint Kenneth chased away all the mice on an Island and ordered all the birds to stop chirping during Mass. It also says that while he lived in seclusion, a stag would hold his Bible in its antlers so Cainnech could hold his hands up while praying.

b. 515, Glengiven, Ireland- d. 600, Aghaboe, Ireland

Patronage: The shipwrecked, diocese of Ossory in Ireland

Feast Day: October 11

Memorial Day Oct 11


ST. KEVIN – Patron of Blackbirds/Ireland

There are many legends about Saint Kevin, due to the fact that the details of his life are relatively unknown. He founded a monastery at Glendalough and became a hermit after its success. Saint Kevin is often depicted with animals because many tales show his closeness to them.

b. c.498 Leinster, Ireland d. 6/3/618

Patronage: Blackbirds (had a love for birds and animals), Archdiocese of Dublin, Glendalough, Ireland

Feast Day: June 3

Memorial Day June 3


ST. KIERAN – Patron of Diocese of Ossory Ireland

Also known as Ciaran of Saigir, he was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland and believed to be the first-born of Irish Saints. He is attributed to the founding of the Saigir monastery as well as a women’s monastery run by his mother. He was also fond of animals and used them as his first monks. b. Corca-Laighde, Ireland d. c.530 Patronage: Diocese of Ossory, Ireland Feast Day: March 5

Memorial Day 41703


ST. KILIAN – Patron of Whitewashers/Rheumatism

Saint Kilian was of Irish nobility, and became a Missionary bishop. He converted a local Bavarian ruler and his subjects to the Faith. After explaining to the ruler that his marriage to his brother’s widow was invalid to the Church, he was martyred. There are conflicting stories as to who assassinated Our Saint, some tales point to the wife, others to the Duke.

b. c.640 Mullagh, County Cavan, Ireland d. 7/8/689

Patronage: Sufferers of rheumatism, Parish of Tuosist, Paderborn, Germany

Fears Day: July 8

Memorial Day July 8


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Saint L’s



ST. LAWRENCE – Patron of Chefs/Comedians

Lawrence was the Archdeacon and treasurer of the Church in Rome during a time when practicing the Faith was banned. He was one of Seven Deacons of the city of Rome under Pope Sixtus II, who were martyred during the Persecution by Emperor Valerian in 258. When his superiors were captured, he took the wealth of the Church and dispersed it among the poor. At his execution, he was asked by the authorities to hand over the riches of the Church, so he brought a large number of Rome’s poor with him.

b. Huesca, Spain d. 8/10/258 AD, Rome

Feast Day: August 10

Patronage: Cooks, Chefs, Comedians, Students, Miners, Tanners, Archivists, Against fires, Librarians, Wine makers

Memorial Day Aug 10


ST. LAZARUS – Patron of Leprosy

Lazarus was a leper mentioned in the Gospel of Luke. In the 1100s, the Order of Saint Lazarus was established to care for lepers.

Patronage: The poor, Against Leprosy, Lepers, Order of Saint Lazarus

Feast Day: June 21

Memorial Day June 21


ST. LEO the GREAT – Patron of Speakers

Pope Saint Leo I was a Doctor of the Church and one of three popes termed Great. He was Pope from 9/29/440 till his death in 461. During the invasion of Attila the Hun, Leo went to meet him with Saints Peter and Paul, where they successfully discouraged Attila and his attack.

b. c 400 AD, Tuscany, Western Roman Empire- d. 11/10/461, Rome, Western Roman Empire

Patronage: Speakers, Tuscany

Feast Day: November 10

Memorial Day Nov 10


ST. LIDWINA of SCHIEDAM – Patron of Ice Skating

At age 15 Lidwina was ice-skating when she fell and broke her rib, leading to a development of gangrene, and her paralysis. Despite her immense pain, she gained fame as a healer as she experienced visions in her bed. After years of suffering and loss of body parts, she passed away at the age of 53.

b. 4/18/1380 Schiedam, Holland d. 4/14/1433 Schiedam, Holland

Patronage: Ice Skaters, the Chronically ill.

Feast Day: April 14

Memorial Day Apr 14


ST. LILLIAN – Patron of Those Named Lillian

Lillian was a laywoman and a closet Christian until the persecutions of Caliph Abderraham II, when she decided to openly display her Faith. She was martyred along with Saint George, and her husband Saint Felix.

d. 852 Cordoba, Spain

Patronage: Those named Lillian

Feast Day: July 27

Memorial Day July 27


ST. LOUIS – Patron of Builders/Parenthood

King Louis IX of France ruled for over forty years. He was crowned at the age of twelve, though his mother ruled until he became of age. He fathered eleven children, promoted Christianity, established leper hospitals and monasteries, led two crusades.

b. 4/25/1214 Poissy, France d. 8/25/1270 Tunis, North Africa (on crusade)

Patronage: Crusaders, Barbers, Parenthood, Builders, Grooms, Hairstylists, Needle workers

Feast Day: August 25

Memorial Day Aug 25



Louis was devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary and constantly prayed the Rosary. Taking the name Marie at his confirmation, he preached against Jansenists and for devotion to guardian angels. He founded the Daughters of Wisdom and is credited for influencing several Popes.

b. 1/31/1673 Brittany, France d. 4/28/1716 France

Patronage: Preachers, Education, The poor (children)

Feast Day: April 28

Memorial Day Apr 28


ST. LOUISE de MARILLAC – Patron of Orphans/Social Workers

Louise was educated in a Royal Monastery and eventually married an official to the queen. When she was widowed she turned to her spiritual advisor, Saint Vincent de Paul, for guidance. She established the Daughters of Charity and later, the Sister of Charity.

b. 8/12/1591 LeMeux, France- d. 3/15/1660 Paris, France

Patronage: Children with special needs, Loss of parents, Sick people, Social workers, Widows, Persons Rejected by religious orders.

Feast Day: March 15

Memorial Day Mar 15


ST. LUCIA of SYRACUSE – Patron of Eye Diseases/Writers

Also known as Lucy, Saint Lucia was a wealthy Christian. Her mother did not approve of her faith, so the two went to the tomb of Saint Agatha, where Lucia prayed and an illness of her mother’s was cured. Her pagan suitor denounced her to the Governor of Syracuse, who later sentenced her to a brothel, and later burned at a stake. She would not move from the brothel and the fire at the stake burned out, leading to her beheading.

b. c 283, Syracuse d. 304, Syracuse

Patronage: Eye Disease, Writers

Feast Day: December 13

Memorial Day Dec 13


ST. LUCY – Patron of Blindness/Epidemics

Lucy joined religion and escaped marriage after praying for her mother’s freedom from haemorrhagic illness. Her pagan suitor denounced her to the Governor of Syracuse, who later sentenced her to a brothel, and later burned at a stake. She would not move from the brothel and the fire at the stake burned out, leading to her beheading. b. c. 283 Syracuse, Sicily d. c. 304 Syracuse, Sicily Patronage: Blindpeople, Martyrs, Poor people, Authors, Farmers, Laborers, Lawyers, Opticians, Salesmen, Tailors, Writers, Weavers Feast Day: December 13

Memorial Day 41986


ST. LUIGI ORIONE – Patron of Poor/Homeless/Abandoned

As a young man, Luigi, joined the Franciscans in Italy but became very ill and had to return home. Luigi was cured of his health problems at St. John Bosco’s funeral and was ordained as a priest in 1895. During his life, he founded several institutions for the poor, homeless, and abandoned, including the Sons of Divine Providence, the Hermits of Divine Providence, and the Ladies of Divine Providence. He passed away in 1940 surrounded by priests of his order, the Orinoes.

b. 6/23/1872 Pontecurone, Italy d. 3/12/1940 San Remo, Italy

Patronage: The Poor, Homeless, and Abandoned

Feast Day: March 12

Memorial Day Mar 12


ST. LUKE the APOSTLE – Patron of Physicians/Painters

Luke was born to Pagan parents and converted to Christianity at an early age. A well educated physician, he likely travelled as a Doctor on a ship. He wrote the Acts of the Apostles, a history of the early church, which later influenced the Gospel According to Luke. It is said that he was a painter, but his works have never been correctly attributed to him.

b. Antioch, Roman Empire d. c.74, Boeotia, Greece

Patronage: artists, physicians, students and butchers

Feast 10/18

Memorial Day Oct 18


ST. LYDIA PURPURARIA – Patron of Dyers

Lydia worked as a seller of purple-dyed clothing in Thyatira, though it is not clear what position, if any, she held. When Saints Paul, Silas, and Timothy journeyed through Philippi, she offered them shelter and was converted. She continued to let other travellers and believers use her home as a Christian center.

Patronage: Cloth dyers

Feast Day: August 3

Memorial Day Aug 3


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Saint M’s



ST. MADELINE SOPHIE BARAT – Patron of Sacred Heart

Madeline established the Society of the Sacred Heart, through which many young girls were schooled. She constructed over a hundred houses in several countries.

b. 12/12/1779 Joigny, France d. 5/25/1865 Paris, France

Patronage: Education for all.

Feast Day: May 25

Memorial Day May 25


ST. MALACHY O’MORE – Patron of Ireland

Malachy, baptized Maelmhaedhoc, was responsible for reinstating Christianity in Ireland after Viking pillages destroyed the faith. Well-known for his prophecies, he is also famous for a vision he received of the Prochecy of Popes, naming Popes after his death.

b. 1095, Armagh, Ireland d. 11/2/1148, Clairvaux, France

Patronage: Archdiocese of Armagh, Ireland

Feast Day: November 3

Memorial Day Nov 3


ST. MARCELLIN CHAMPAGNAT – education of chidren

Founder of the Little Brothers of Mary, Marcellin helped to teach and spread the Faith to teenage boys.

b. 5/20/1789 Lyon, France d. 6/6/1840 Loire, France

Patronage: Education of children

Feast Day: June 6

Memorial Day June 6


ST. MARGARET MARY ALACOQUE – Patron of Polio/Loss of Parents

Margaret received a vision of the Blessed Virgin which healed her from a crippling disorder. She joined the Order of the Visitation after receiving another vision of Christ. b. 7/22/1647 Burgundy, France d. 10/17/1690 Burgundy, France Patronage: Against polio and the death of parents Feast Day: October 17

Memorial Day 43390


ST. MARGARET of CORTONA – Patron of Midwives/Homeless

Margaret was the mistress of a noble knight for nearly ten years, with whom she had a son. When her lover was murdered, she determined that it was because of her sins. She began helping the poor and sick, and with the experience form her past, she worked to convert severe sinners.

b. 1247 Tuscany, Italy d. 2/22/1297 Cortona, Italy

Patronage: Homeless people, Midwives, Insane people, Reformed prostitutes

Feast Day: February 22

Memorial Day 43153


ST. MARGARET of SCOTLAND – Patron of Widows/Death of Children

Wife of King Malcolm III, she encouraged religion in Scotland, organizing commitees and advocating arts as well as awareness of religious abuses by priests. Mother of eight children, she was as devout in her private life as she was in her public life. She lost her husband and eldest son while they were defending their castle, dying herself days later.

b. c.1045, Hungary d. 11/16/1093, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Patronage: Against the death of children, Widows, Queens, Large Families, Scotland

Feast Day: November 16

Memorial Day Nov 16



Maria’s father was a violent drunk and her education was minimal, leaving her vulnerable to insults, but she joined the Teachers of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Heart. After working as a kitchen maid, she was trained as a nurse and worked in the children’s ward at a hospital in Treviso. She continued caring for the sick even as the hospital fell under military control During WWI, at which point she took care of the injured soldiers.

(Birth name: Anna Francesca Boscardin)

b. 10/6/1888, Brendda, Italy d. 10/20/1922, Treviso, Italy

Patronage: Persons who are caring and devoted to hard work.

Feast Day: October 20

Memorial Day Oct 20


ST. MARIA FAUSTINA – Apostle of Divine Mercy

Maria, one of ten children, only attended school for a few years. As a domestic servant to local families, she worked as a cook and a gardener. She later became a nun, and during this time she wrote about her experiences with visions and stigmata. A translation of her works is now called ‘Divine Mercy in my Soul’.

Maria died at the age of 33, most likely from tuberculosis

b. 8/25/1905 Glogowiec, Poland d. 10/5/1938 Krakow, Poland

Patronage: The care and education of troubled young women, Devotion to Divine Mercy, Sisters of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Feast Day: October 5

Memorial Day Oct 5


ST. MARIA GORETTI – Patron of Teenage Girls

One of six children born to farmers, Maria’s family was forced to move upon her fathers death. At the age of twelve, Maria Goretti was attacked by a nearby farmhand. He tried to rape her and when unsuccessful, he stabbed her a number of times. She forgave him on her deathbed and returned to him in a vision, upon which he converted to the Faith.

b. 10/16/1890, Ancona, Italy d. 7/6/1902

Patronage: Victims of rape, Crime victims, Teenage girls

Feast Day: July 6

Memorial Day July 6



By the time Marie, formerly Julia, began teaching the faith to young girls, the French Revolution began in 1789. When it ended in 1799, she taught again to those who were young or were losing their faith. She also founded the Poor Daughters of Mercy School when she was 61, consisting of teachers and nurses.

b. 11/28/1756 Normandy, France d. 7/16/1846 Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicoste, France

Feast Day: July 16

Memorial Day July 16


ST. MARINA – Patron of Childbirth/Exiles

Also known as Margeret the Virgin or Margaret of Antioch, she was the daughter of a Pagan father, but converted to Chrisitanity through her nurse and adopted by her when she was disowned. When a Roman governer planned to marry her, she refused to break her virginity and was imprisoned. Sentenced to burn, she came out untouched and was released before she was beheaded. b. Antioch

Memorial Day 41840

ST. MARK the EVANGELIST – Patron of Notaries/Lawyers

Mark was the disciple of Saint Peter the Apostle and went on a Christian mission with Saint Paul and his cousin Saint Barnabas. He was Evangelized in Alexandria, Egypt, where he founded the Church of Alexandria. He is the author of Mark’s Gospel, which is one of the four gospels in the New Testament.

b. 1st century AD, Cyrene, North Africa d. 4/25/68 AD, Egypt

Patronage: Notaries, Lawyers, Egypt, Imprisoned people, Lions

Feast Day: April 25

Memorial Day Apr 25


ST. MARON – Patron of Maronites/Volperino

Maron, also known as Maro, journeyed to the top of Mount Nabo near Antioch and instituted a church, where he lived in solitude. Given the gift of healing, he gained a massive following and the Maronite Order was founded. His movement soon led to the Christian growth in Lebanon.

b. c.350 Syria d. 433

Patronage: Gift for healing, Maronites

Feast Day: February 9

Memorial Day 41679


ST. MARTHA – Patron of Maids/Innkeepers

Martha, the sister of Mary of Bethany and Saint Lazarus, is often called the hostess of Christ. Christ said to her, I am the Resurrection and the Life.

d. c. 80

Patronage: Butlers, Cooks, Domestic servants, Housewives

Feast Day: July 29

Memorial Day July 29


ST. MARTIN de PORRES – Patron of Bi-racial People

Martin de Porres was the illegitimate son of a Spanish nobleman and a freed slave of African Descent, which is why his patronage is for multi-racial people. He is also associated with racial harmony and public services, such as schooling and health, because he established an orphanage and children‘s hospital for the poor children of the slums.

b. 12/9/1579, Lima, Peru d. 11/3/1639, Lima, Peru

Patronage: Bi-Racial people, Inter-Racial Justice, Hairdressers, Barbers, Public Schools & Education

Feast Day: November 3

Memorial Day Nov 3


ST. MARTIN of TOURS – Patron of Reformed Alcoholics

Martin was born to pagan parents, and was baptized at the age of 18. He began serving in the Roman Imperial Army at the age of 15, but after he was baptized his Faith prevented him from fighting, so he was discharged and began his spiritual journey, later becoming Bishop of Tours. One of his more famous legends was told that Martin once came upon a beggar in the cold, and tore up half of his cloak, giving one to the beggar. He later became a large inspiration for several would-be followers.

b. 316 AD, Hungary d. 11/8/397, Candes, Gaul

Patronage: Beggars, Wool weavers, Tailors, Soldiers, Vintners, Innkeepers, Geese, Horsemen

Feast Day: November 11

Memorial Day Nov 11


ST. MARY MACKILLOP – Patron of Brisbane

When Mary’s father became ill, she worked to give her family income until she met St. Woods and opened a school in Penola, Australia. The school gained several other women and the sisters grew into the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart. Mary spent her life helping the poor and expanding her congregation for Australians, despite opposition from the Church. b. 1/15/1842 Melbourne, Australia d. 8/8/1909 Sydney, Australia Patronage: Australia, Diocese of Wagga Wagga, Australia Feast Day: August 8

Memorial Day 41859


ST. MARY MAGDALENE – Patron of Penitent Sinners

One of Jesus’s loyal followers, Maria Magdalena is also one of the most well-known women in Christianity. She was present alongside Jesus during several events in his life, from his cleansing of her seven demons, to his death, and later the first person recorded to witness his Resurrection. She is also debated for her speculated sinful and immoral practices.

Patronage: Penitent sinners, Against sexual temptations, Pharmacists, Hairdressers, Reformed prostitutes, Converts

Feast Day: July 22

Memorial Day July 22



Mary was convinced of her religious purpose after witnessing the suffering of the poor and wanting to help them. Needing to operate without restrictions, she founded the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity, specializing with suffering children. Her Order spread to other Italian cities and led to the foundation of the Sons of Charity with priest Francesco Luzzi, and also the Daughters of Charity.

b. 3/1/1774 Verona, Italy d. 4/10/1835 Verona, Italy

Feast Day: May 8

Memorial Day May 8


ST. MATILDA – Patron of Falsely Accused

Matilda, raised by her grandmother, married King Henry I, making her the Queen Germany. As Queen, Matilda was always willing to help the less fortunate and had a very good influence over her husband. The couple had five children together, but the two eldest sons ended up battling over the throne when the King died. Matilda was falsely accused of frivolously spending the country’s finances, and the brothers joined together in persecuting her. She returned after a brief exile. She is known for her devotion to prayer and helping the poor.

b. c.895 d. 3/14/968

Patronage: Falsely Accused

Feast Day: March 14

Memorial Day Mar 14


ST. MATTHEW the APOSTLE – Patron of Accountants/Bankers

Saint Matthew the Apostle was one of 4 Evangelists and one Jesus’ 12 Apostles. He collected taxes for Herod Antipas from the Hebrew people. As a follower of Jesus, he witnessed His Resurrection and Ascension, and later died a Martyr.

Patronage: Accountants, Bankers, Tax Collectors, Civil Servants

Feast Day: September 21

Memorial Day Sept 21


ST. MATTHIAS the APOSTLE – Patron of Alcoholism/Carpenters

After the betrayal and suicide of Judas, Matthias was elected by the remaining Apostolate to replace him. Not much is known or said about Matthias, though stories do tell of his attempts to preach the Gospel despite tortures by heathens. Once imprisoned in a city of cannibals, he was eventually killed by stoning in Colchis c. 80 AD.

Patronage: Against alcoholism, Against smallpox, Carpenters, Tailors

Feast Day: May 14

Memorial Day May 14


ST. MAURUS – Patron of Cobblers/Cold

One of St. Benedict’s first followers, Maurus rescued St. Placidus from drowning by walking on the water. It is said that he was given the gift of miracles from God, and several legends grew from this. He was made abbot of Monte Cassino and cured several brethren of their afflictions.

b. 1/1/512 Africa d. 1/15/584

Patronage: Cripples, Rheumatism, Epilepsy, Gout, Cobblers.

Feast Day: November 22

Memorial Day 41965


ST. MAXIMILIAN KOLBE – Patron of Charity/Drug Abuse

Born in Poland to a poor family, and once a mischievous child, Raymond decided to change his ways upon having a vision of the Virgin Mary around the time of his first Communion. At the age of seventeen he took the name Maximilian and made his first vows. He made his last vows in 1914, the same year his father was hung by the Russians for being a traitor. In 1917 while in Rome, he and six friends founded the Immaculata Movement, which taught the devotion to Our Lady and the path to Christ. After travelling through Rome and returning to Poland, he founded his friary Niepokalanow (City of the Immaculate) in 1927. Feeling the need to do more he travelled through Japan and India, but poor health and not achieveing his goals led him back to Poland in 1936. Soon after, the Nazis invaded and he and his brothers were arrested. Transferred to Auschwitz in 1941, he volunteered himself to die in place of a father of young children who had been chosen to die as retribution for an escaped prisoner.

b. 1/7/1894 Zdunska Wola, Poland d. 8/14/1941 Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Nazi Germany

Patronage: Drug addicts, Political prisoners, Families, Journalists, Pro-Life movement

Feast Day: August 14

Memorial Day Aug 14


ST. MEDARD of NOYON – Patron of Good Weather

Medardus was dedicated to the Christian virtues and letters, accompanying his father on business to religious schools. He reluctantly accepted his position as Bishop of Vermand before moving the see to Noyon and uniting with the diocese of Tournai. Legend says he was once sheltered from rain by an eagle hovering over him.

b. c.456 Picardy, France d. 6/8/545 Noyon, France

Patronage: Against bad weather, Against toothache, Against sterility, Imprisonment, Vineyards, Brewers, Mentally ill, Peasants.

Feast Day: June 8

Memorial Day June 8


ST. MEINRAD of EINSIEDELN – Patron of Switzerland/Hospitality

After becoming a monk, Meinrad took on a life as a hermit, and established his hermitage on Etzel Pass. When giving refuge to two travelers, Richard and Peter, they turned out to be thieves who murdered him when they found out he had nothing worth stealing. The Einsiedeln Abbey was built in his honor, with a Virgin Mary statue believed to have been owned by him as a hermit.

b. c.797 d.1/21/861, Einsiedeln

Patronage: hospitality

Feast Day: January 21.

Memorial Day Jan 21


ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL – Patron of Police Officers/EMTs

Michael was one of seven Archangels, meaning he is seen as a higher power than other Angels. He is greatly known for fighting against Satan and his followers. His double-edged sword seen in his depiction represents truth and justice. Known as the Angel of the Lord, he is the defender of Heaven.

Patronage: Police Officers, Military, Mariners, EMTs

Feast Day: September 29

Memorial Day Sept 29


ST. MONICA – Patron of Abuse Victims

Monica is known mostly as the mother of Saint Augustine of Hippo, whom she followed on his spiritual journeys, perhaps closer than he wanted. She lived with her husband and mother-in-law who both criticized and insulted her faith, although she had outstanding Christian Values. She was eventually able to win them over.

b. 322 Tagaste, North Africa d. 387 Ostia, Italy

Patronage: Difficult marriages, Disappointing children, Victims of adultery, Victims of abuse, Alcoholics

Feast Day: August 27

Memorial Day Aug 27


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Saint N’s



ST. NATHANAEL – Patron of Cobblers/Nervous Diseases

Nathanael was one of the Twelve Apostles, also known under the name Bartholomew . He is mentioned in the Gospels frequently, and usually associated with Philip, who brought Nathanael to Jesus. He is usually represented with a tanner’s knife and holding his skin because he was skinned alive in Armenia.

b. 1st century Galilee d. Albanopolis, Armenia

Patronage: Tanners, Bookbinders, Butchers, Leather workers, Against neurological diseases

Feast Day: August 24

Memorial Day Aug 24


ST. NICHOLAS – Patron of Bakers/Brides/Children

Saint Nicholas is remembered for his generosity to others and his concern for the less fortunate. His parents died when he was young, and he obeyed Jesus’ word from then on, selling his possessions to help the less fortunate. He was eventually exiled and imprisoned by Roman Emperor Diocletian, who ruthlessly persecuted Christians. His life and benevolent nature was the basis for the Christmas figure Santa Claus.

d. c.346 at Myra, Lycia

Patronage: Children, Bakers, Brides, Brewers, Merchants, Sailors Feast Day: Decemeber 6

Memorial Day Dec 6



Nimatullah joined the Monastery of St. Anthony in 1828 and frequently spent much of his time praying to the Blessed Sacrament. As a teacher, he was hard on himself but easy on his brother monks, often being reprimanded by his superiors. Known for his patience and devotion to his Order, he passed away in 1858 while teaching in Kfifan due to illness from the cold weather.

b.1808 Hardine, Lebanon d. 12/14/1858 Kfifan, Lebanon

Patronage: Beirut, Lebanon

Feast Day: December 14

Memorial Day Dec 14


ST. NINO de ATOCHA – Patron of Pilgrims/Prisoners

When Moors took over Spain in the 13th century, only children were allowed to feed their fathers who were in prison for their faith. Some children saw a child bearing a striking resemblance to that of a statue of the Virgin Mary and Jesus kept in the town. Known as Nuestra Senora de Atocha and Santo Nino de Atocha, the statue and its legend became revered and celebrated throughout Spain, Mexico, and Latin America.

Patronage: Travelers, Protection from danger, Pilgrims, Prisoners

Memorial Day


ST. NORBERT of XANTEN – Patron of Peace/Bohemia

Norbert Gennep was convinced to live a life of penance after a near-death experience, adopting a vicious form of asceticism. He was requested to build a new religious order for the Bishop of Laon, his followers later becoming known as Norbertines. He later supported Pope Innocent II during the following schism, and served as adviser to Emperor Lothair II.

b. c.1080 Xanten, Germany d. 6/6/1134 Magdeburg, Germany

Patronage: Against birth complication, Archdiocese of Magdeburg, Germany Feast Day: June 6

Memorial Day June 6


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Saint O’s



ST. ODILIA – Patron of Eye Disease/Eye Problems

Odilia, born blind, was abandoned by her Duke father, Etichon, and raised by a peasant family. When she was baptized she regained her eyesight, so her brother brought her back home. Etichon was enraged by her home coming and accidentally killed her brother. Odilia resurrected him and left home again. Etichon eventually fell ill and Odilia came home to nurse him back to health. Upon his healing, they founded the Augustine monastic community of Mont Sainte-Odile, where she became abbess until her death and temporary resurrection.

b. 662, Alsace, France d.720, Alsace, France

Patronage: The blind or partially sighted; Alsace, France

Feast Day: December 13

Memorial Day Dec 13


ST. OLIVIA – Patron of Trivigliano, Italy

Olivia of Palermo was one of the four Palermo patron saints, but she is regarded as a fictional legend. According to her story, she was captured by Muslims for her Christian faith, and was able to convert them. Once abandoned to live as a hermit, she was recaptured, tortured, and executed. At her death, her soul was witnessed soaring to Heaven as a dove.

b. c.448 Palermo, Sicily d. c.463 Tunis, North Africa

Patronage: Trivigliano, Italy

Feast Day: June 10

Memorial Day Jun 10


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Saint P’s



ST. PATRICK – Patron of Snakes/Engineers/Ireland

When Patrick was 16, he was captured by Irish raiders and sold into slavery for six years before escaping. Becoming a saint, he converted several people to the faith, including wealthy women and sons of kings. His memorial is also known as Saint Patrick’s Day.

b. c.387 -390 Scotland d. c. 461-464 Saul, Ireland

Patronage: Ireland, Engineers, Against Snakes

Feast Day: March 17

Memorial Day Mar 17


ST. PAUL of the CROSS – Ovada, Italy

Paul received several visions that foretold his creation of a religious order dedicated to the Passion of the Christ, which he wound up forming in 1721. His preaching’s on how Jesus was Crucified would drive hardened men to tears. He was deserted by his Brothers of the Order, but when Pope Benedict XIV approved of his Rule, the Order regrew.

b. 1/3/1694, Ovada, Piedmont d. 10/18/1775, Rome

Patronage: Ovada, Italy

Feast Day: October 19

Memorial Day 43027


ST. PAUL the APOSTLE – Patron of Publishers/Reporters

Paul is widely considered to be one of the most important figures in Christianity. Originally Saul, who persecuted Christians as a Jew, but converted and renamed himself when he realized the extent of his actions. His teachings take up a large portion of the New Testament and the Acts of the Apostles. Both Paul and Peter were martyred by decapitation.

b. c. 3 AD, Tarsus, Cilicia d. c.65 AD, Rome, Italy

Patronage: Publishers, Reporters, Against snakes/snakebites

Feast Day: January 25

Memorial Day Jan 25


ST. PAUL the HERMIT – Patron of Weavers

Paul of Thebes planned to flee the persecutions of Decius temporarily, but the solitary life convinced him to remain a hermit. Living up to 113 years, he was often visited by a Raven, which supplied him with bread, and before his death, St. Anthony the Abbot, who was buried him. Paul is often regarded as the first hermit in Christianity.

b. c.230 Lower Thebes, Egypt d. 1/5/342

Patronage: Hermits, Weavers

Feast Day: January 10

Memorial Day 43110


ST. PAULA – Patron of Widows

Paula was mother of five children and the wife to a Senator, Toxotius. Widowed at age 32, she dedicated herself to religion, joined St. Marcella’s group of semi-monastic women, and established a monastery and convent in Bethlehem. A devout follower and mother, her relationship with St. Jerome was called into question but never fully proven.

b. 5/5/347, Rome d. 1/26/404, Bethlehem

Patronage: Widows, Order of St. Jerome, Monks and Nuns

Feast Day: January 26

Memorial Day Jan 26



Pauline was the first Brazilian to be proclaimed a patron saint, though she emigrated to Brazil from Italy in 1875. Although suffering from diabetes, she established a congregation for the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady and was elected Superior General for life. Although she was later removed, she did not stop caring for children and slaves.

b.12/16/1865 Trent, Italy d. 7/9/1942 Ipiranga, Brazil

Patronage: Diabetics

Feast Day: July 9

Memorial Day July 9


ST. PEREGRINE LAZIOSI – Patron of Cancer/Running Sores

Originally opposed to the Papal State his home of Forli was, an encounter with St Philip Benizi caused him to change his outlook. His constant standing led to the formation of a cancerous ulcer in his leg, which was miraculously healed by a vision from Jesus. News of the miracle continues to resonate to those suffering from cancer and its effects today.

b. c.1260 Forli, Italy d.5/1/1345 Forli, Italy

Patronage: Persons suffering from Cancer, Aids, Against sores

Feast Day: May 1

Memorial Day May 1


ST. PERPETUA – Patron of Martyrs/Cattle

Perpetua, a mother and noblewomen, was imprisoned with other Catholic catechumens. She was executed in a gladiator pit in Carthage during the celebration of then Emperor Septimus Severus’s birthday. Perpetua never lost faith or determination.

d. c.203 Carthage, Roman Province of Africa

Patronage: Mothers, Expectant mothers, Ranchers, Butchers, Carthage

Feast Day: March 7

Memorial Day Mar 7


ST. PETER CANISIUS – Patron of Catholic Press/Germany

After earning his master’s degreee at age 19, Peter took on a rapidly-paced life of travelling as he joined the Society of Jesus. He taught in several German universities and also served under King Ferdinand I. Preaching during the Protestant Reformation, he remained focused on upholding the Catholic Church.

b. 5/8/1521 Niemguen, Netherlands

d. 12/21/1597 Fribourg, Switzerland of natural causes

Patronage: Catholic Press, Germany, writers of catechisms

Feast Day: December 21

Memorial Day Dec 21


ST. PETER CHANEL – Patron of Oceania

Peter joined the Society of Mary, concentrating on local and foreign religious missions, including trips to Rome and the Canary Islands. His most noteworthy mission was to Oceania, a region that the Society planned on becoming a diocese. Despite struggles with the natives, persecution by the chieftain, and his eventual martyrdom, Oceania became Catholic and adopted him as the patron saint.

b.7 /12/1803 Cuet, France d.4/28/1841 Fortuna Island, New Hebrides

Patronage: Oceania

Feast Day: April 28

Memorial Day April 28


ST. PETER CLAVER – Patron Saint Against Slavery

Peter worked in Cartagena, a port in Columbia, for the Society of Jesus, where he was ordained. Serving during the slave trade, Peter spent his time caring for African slaves who often faced terrible conditions both on and off the slave ships. He served for 40 years and baptized an estimated 300,000 slaves, becoming known as the Apostle of Cartagena. After Peters death, Pope Leo XIII later declared Claver the Patron of missionary work among all African people.

b. 6/26/1581 Catalonia, Spain d. 9/8/1654 Cartegena, Colombia

Patronage: Slaves, Race relations, Seafarers, Columbia Ministry to African-Americans, & Human rights defenders

Feast Day: September 9

Memorial Day Sept 9



Living a pious life, Peter was disturbed by the Moorish persecution and imprisonment of Christians in the Iberian peninsula. A vision of the Virgin Mary appeared before him and advised him to redeem the prisoners. He later founded the Order of Mercedarians in honor of his apparitions. b. 1182 Languedoc, France d. 12/25/1258 Feast Day: January 28

Memorial Day 43459


ST. PETER the APOSTLE – Patron of Butchers/Fisherman

Peter is widely recognized as the first Pope of Christianity as well as one of Jesus’s twelve Apostles and brother of St Andrew the Apostle. After Jesus’s Ascension, he was made head of the Apostles until his own crucification. He purportedly was crucified upside-down as he felt unworthy to die as Jesus did.

b.c.1 Bethsaida d. c.64 Rome, Italy

Patronage: Bakers, Butchers, Fishermen, Frenzy, Foot problems, Harvesters

Feast Day: June 29

Memorial Day June 29


ST. PETRONILLE – Patron of Fevers/Mountaineers

Legends divide Petronille’s life. Some say she was the daughter of Saint Peter, having once locked her in a tower to keep her from suitors. Others say she was just a follower, cured of her palsy by Peter. A few describe how she went on a hunger strike after spurring the affections of King Flaccus, or that she died a martyr. Some say she was cursed with a fever until she fully served God under Peter.

Patronage: Mountain travelers, Treaties between popes and Frankish emperors, Against fever

Feast Day: May 31

Memorial Day May 31


ST. PHILIP NERI – Patron of U S Army Special Forces

Philip was born into a poor family, even though he was related to Italian nobility. He was taught human culture by the Dominicans and began taking steps to become an Apostle of Rome. Working as a layman, he tutored and ministered before founding the Confraternity of the Holy Trinity. One of his most notable achievements was the founding of the Congregation of the Oratory, a society of secular clergy named for its musical selections, oratorios.

b. 7/22/1515 Florence, Italy d. 5/27/1595 Vallicella, Italy

Patronage: US Special Forces

Feast Day: May 26

Memorial Day May 26


ST. PHILIP the APOSTLE – Patron of Hatters/Pastry Chefs

Philip was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus, after first being a follower of John the Baptist. He is known for participating in the miracle of loaves and fish, which led to him being known as the patron of Cooks and Bakers.

b. Bethsaida, Palestine d. c. 80 Hierapolis, Phrygia – where he crucified and stoned to death.

Patronage: Hatters, Pastry chefs

Feast Day: May 3

Memorial Day May 3


ST. PHILOMENA – Patron of Children

At a young age, Philomena was one of the most popular saints in Christianity, earning the nickname, The Wonder Worker. As Princess of Corfu, she attracted the current Roman emperor but refused him, earning her multiple punishments and tortures. After dying by beheading at age 13, her survival and determination in the face of her punishments continue to inspire those who pray in her name. Patronage: Infants, Children, Youth, Priests, Students; Against barrenness, infertilty, sterilty, sickness, bodily ills Feast Day: August 11

Memorial Day 41862


ST. PIO of PIETRELCINA – Patron of Civil Defense Volunteers

Saint Padre Pio was a Friar, Priest, and Mystic. He was part of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. As Pio knelt before a cross, he had a vision of Jesus, resulting in him being left with wounds resembling stigmata, which puzzled his doctors, and he dealt with it for most of his life. He devoted himself to healing the sick until his death, despite controversial claims made against him.

b. 5/25/1887 Benevento, Italy d. 9/23/1968 Foggia, Italy

Patronage: Adolescents, Stress relief, Civil defense volunteers

Feast Day: September 23

Memorial Day Sept 23


ST. PLACIDUS – Patron of Messina (co-patron)

Little is known about Saint Placidus, but he was a follower of Saint Benedict, and has been related to stories with St. Gregory the Great, and St. Maurus. In fact, St. Maurus saved Placidus from drowning while they were monks. He is often confused with another, Saint Placitus, who was martyred with thirty others.

Patronage: Messina (co-patron)

Feast Day: October 5

Memorial Day 41917


ST. POLYCARP of SMYRNA – Patron of Dysentery/Against Earache

A disciple of St. John the Apostle, Polycarp sought to defend Jesus’s humanity and divinity as bishop of the Smyrnan Church. He foresaw his death by being burned alive, but when his martyrdom came, the fire would not touch him, so he was stabbed instead. He is remembered mostly for his letters and writings, and some believe it was he who put together the New Testament.

b. c.69 AD d.155 Smyrna

Patronage: Against earache, Against dysentery

Feast Day: February 23

Memorial Day Feb 23


ST. POPE JOHN XXIII – Patron of Papal Delegates

Born into poverty, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was ordained in 1904 and served as a stretcher-bearer during WWI. In WWII he served as a papal diplomat, saving thousands of Jewish lives in Germany before being named cardinal, and then Pope John XXIII in 1958. Passionate about equality, he advised peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis before dying a year later and canonized in April 2014.

b. 11/25/1881 Bergamo, Italy d. 6/3/1963 Rome, Italy

Patronage: Papal delegates

Feast day: October 11

Memorial Day Oct 11


ST. POPE PIUS X – Patron of First Communicants

Saint Pope Pius X, born as Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto, did not become Pope until the age of 68 in 1903 following the death of Pope Leo XIII. Raised by a poor family, he believed in the Communion, reforms in Church law, and theology, being dedicated to the Virgin Mary and a universal catechism. He passed away at the outset of WWI, which greatly troubled him and shook his faith.

b.6/2/1835 Venice, Austria d.8/21/1914 Vatican City

Patronage: First communicants, Pilgrims

Feast Day: August 21

Memorial Day Aug 21


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Saint Q’s


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Saint R’s



ST. RACHEL – Infertility/Childbirth

Also called Rachel the Matriarch, she was the third wife of the Hebrew Patriarch Jacob. Jacob agreed to work seven years for her father before marrying her. Considered a sign of God’s disfavor, Rachel was unable to give birth. Eventually she was able to give birth to two sons, Joseph and Benjamin, but died during delivery.

Patronage: Infertility, Childbirth

Feast Day: November 1

Memorial Day 43405


ST. RAFKA – Patron of Loss of Parents

Rafka, or Rafqa, lost her mother at age seven and became a nun to avoid marrying men chosen by her stepmother. She joined the Lebanese Order of St. Anthony of the Maronites where she prayed to share in Jesus Christ’s sufferings. As she grew older, she began to fall ill, blind, and paralyzed, all of which caused pain but made her thankful.

b.6/29/1832 Himlaya, Lebanon d.3/23/1914 St. Joseph’s Convent, Lebanon

Patronage: Bodily ills, Loss of parents

Feast Day: March 23

Memorial Day March 23


ST. RAPHAEL the ARCHANGEL – Patron of Blind/Love/Safe Journey

One of seven Archangels, Raphael is known as the Angel of Healing for bodily ills. According to the Book of Tobit, Raphael travelled with Tobiah and cured his companion of blindness. Raphael is also known for giving guidance and nurturing to those who suffer from relationship problems.

Patronage: Travelers, the blind, nurses, physicians, match makers, Christian marriages, Catholic studies, bodily ills, and druggists.

Feast Day: September 29

Memorial Day Sept 29


ST. RAYMOND NONNATUS – Patron of Infants/Childbirth

Raymond’s father was a local Count and his mother died giving birth to him, so he had to be born by Caesarian section. After years of tending sheep at one of his Father’s farms, he joined the Merdearians of Barcelona and spent the rest of his life ransoming slaves as Master General of the Order. When he surrendered himself as a hostage, the Moors burned a hole through his lips with a hot iron, and padlocked his mouth shut in order to keep him from preaching. He was ransomed by his order and returned to Spain.

Nonnatus means ‘not born’.

b. 1204 Catalonia, Spain d. 8/31/1240 Cardona, Spain

Patronage: Childbirth, Midwives, Pregnant Woman, Infants, Fever, and the Falsely Accused

Feast Day: August 31

Memorial Day Aug 31


ST. RAYMOND of PENAFORT – Patron of Barristers/Attorneys

After moving to Barcelona, Raymond helped co-found the Dominican Order of Mercedarians and compiled the Summa Casuum for church law. Appointed as Archbishop of Tarragona against his wishes, he fell ill and resigned in two years. Living to 100 years of age, he convinced St. Thomas Aquinas to write Against the Gentiles.

b. 1175 near Barcelona d.1/6/1275 Barcelona

Patronage: Attornies, Barristers, Canonists, Lawyers, Medical Record Librarians

Feast Day: January 7 (formerly January 23)

Memorial Day Jan 7


ST. REBECCA – Patron of Sickness

Rebecca, also known as Rafqa, became a nun at age 21 to avoid the pressure from her family of marriage. After joining the Marian Order of the Immaculate Conception, the institute decided to merge with another order, allowing its followers the decision to leave. She decided to follow her dreams and joined the Order of Saint Anthony of the Maronites. On the feast of the Holy Rosary, Rafqa prayed to share in Jesus’s suffering, becoming blind and receiving headaches, eventually becoming paralyzed. The remainder of her life was spent knitting, spinning wool, and in prayer.

b. 6/29/1832 Himlaya, Lebanon d. 3/23/1914 Grabta, Lebanon

Patronage: Sick people, Loss of parents, Against bodily ills

Feast Day: September 4

Memorial Day Sept 4


ST. REGINA – Patron of Against Poverty

Virgin Martyr and Saint of the Catholic Church, she was born to Pagan parents. Her mother, Clement, died during childbirth. Regina converted to Christianity and was kicked out of her family house by her father. She tended sheep and Communed with God while living with the Christian nurse who baptized her. Although she was engaged to Olybrius, she refused to renounce her faith and was imprisoned, tortured, and beheaded.

d. c. 286

Patronage: Impoverishment, Shepherdesses, Torture victims

Feast Day: September 7

Memorial Day Sept 7


ST. REGIS – Patron of Social Worker/Lace maker

Son of a wealthy merchant, John Francis Regis joined the Jesuits at age 18. Dedicating himself to prayer, Regis dedicated himself to the poor and sick, as well as women and orphans. His openness and honesty led to many conversions, and he continued to travel and preach until his death.

b.1/31/1597 Languedoc, France d.12/31/1640 Dauphine, France

Patronage: Lace makers, Embroiderers, Medical social workers

Feast Day: June 16

Memorial Day June 16


ST. REMIGIUS of REIMS – Patron of France/City of Reims

Remigius was elected Bishop of Reims (France) in the year 459 when he was only 22. His most notable accomplishment was the baptism of King Clovis I, the King of the Franks, in 496 in exchange for land. Remigius built churches across his lands, establishing Christianity in France.

b.c. 438 Picardy, France d. 1/13/533 Champagne, France

Patronage: France, City of Reims, Against epidemics, Fevers, & Plague

Feast Day: October 1

Memorial Day Oct 1


ST. RENE GOUPIL – Patron of Anesthesiologists

Rene’s deafness prevented him from joining the Jesuit noviate in France, so he studied medicine and later worked as a medic for the missionaries in the Americas. He was later a devoted assistant to St. Isaac Jogues on his Huron missions. Huron enemies, the Iroquois, repeatedly beat and tortured Rene for his teachings and later killed him for teaching children the sign of the cross.

His death by tomahawk in the head led to his patronage of people who work with or receive anesthesia.

b. 1606 Anjou, Kingdom of France d.1642 Ossernenon, New France

Patronage: anesthetists, anesthesiologists

Feast Day: October 19

Memorial Day Oct 19


ST. RICHARD – Patron of Coachmen, Large Families

Richard of Wyche, was the Bishop of Chichester. His father died when he was a young boy, leaving his older brother to care for the estate and leaving it in debt. Richard, whom had been working on the farm, took over management, bringing it back to wealth. He was an educated man, studying at Oxford, England, in Paris, France, and in Bologna, Italy, and later became Chancellor of Oxford University. Many miracles are said to have happened at his shrine in Chichester.

b. c.1197 Worcestershire, England d. 4/3/1253 Kent, England of natural causes

Patronage: Large Families, Coachmen

Feast Day: April 3

Memorial Day 42828


ST. RITA of CASCIA – Patron of Loneliness/Lost Causes

Born as Margherita Lotti, St. Rita’s original goal was to become a nun, but was forced into marriage and raised twin sons, until their deaths. After several attempts, she was accepted into the Augustinian nun convent, where she lived for over 40 years. She received a spiritual vision in which she received a forehead wound similar to Jesus’s after wearing his thorned crown, which was said to bleed for 15 years.

b. 1386 Umbria, ltaly d. 5/22/1457 Cascia, Italy

Patronage: Lost and Impossible causes, Abused wives, & heartbroken women, Mothers, Against sickness, & wounds

Feast Day: May 22

Memorial Day May 22


ST. ROBERT BELLARMINE – Patron of Catechists

Robert was an Italian Jesuit, a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, and member of the Society of Jesus. Robert played a strong roll in defending the Catholic faith and supporting the reform decrees of the Council of Trent. However, some of his more controversial standings include defending the divine right of Kings, and the prosecution of Galileo for his Scripture-defying theories.

b. 10/4/1542 Tuscany, Italy d. 9/17 1621 Rome, Italy

Patronage: Catechists, Canonists, Canon lawyers

Feast Day: September 17

Memorial Day Sept 17


ST. ROCCO – Patron of Bird flu/Plague

Born to French nobility, Rocco had always had sympathy for the poor and sick. After losing both his parents when he was 20, Roch dispersed his fortune to the poor. His fondness for the sick convinced him to bless those suffering from plague, and those he blessed became healed. When he himself became sick, he went to a forest to die, only to be found and taken care of by a dog. The dog’s owner found Roch and became his acolyte. Healed, he was arrested in 1322, on suspicion of being a Pilgrim spy, and died five years later in prison.

b. 1295 Montpelier, France d. 1327 Montpelier, France

Patronage: Dogs, Falsely accused people, Against Cholera, Epidemics, Plague

Feast Day: August 16

Memorial Day Aug 16


ST. ROCH – Patron of Bachelors/Dogs

Born to French nobility, Rocco had always had sympathy for the poor and sick. After losing both his parents when he was 20, Roch dispersed his fortune to the poor. His fondness for the sick convinced him to bless those suffering from plague, and those he blessed became healed. When he himself became sick, he went to a forest to die, only to be found and taken care of by a dog. The dog’s owner found Roch and became his acolyte. Healed, he was arrested in 1322, on suspicion of being a Pilgrim spy, and died five years later in prison.

b. 1295 Montpelier, France d. 1327 Montpelier, France

Patronage: Dogs, Falsely accused people, Against Cholera, Epidemics, Plague

Feast Day: August 16

Memorial Day 43328


ST. RONAN – Patron of Marown Parish

Ronan of Lismore was an eighth-century bishop of Lismore, Ireland. Not much is known of him; Eleven other saints of Ireland share the name Ronan. He has been called a Confessor of the Faith and successor to St. Carthage.

Patronage: Marown Parish

Feast Day: February 9

Memorial Day Feb 9


ST. ROSALIA – Patron of Palermo, Sicily

Born into a Norman noble family descended from Charlemagne, Saint Rosalia was a devout religious person. She lived as a hermit in a cave on Mt. Pellegrino where she died alone. Her remains were discovered in 1624 by a hunter when Palermo was suffering from plague. The hunter had a vision telling him to parade her remains through the city, and by doing so the plague was lifted.

b. c.1130 Palermo, Sicily d. c.1160 Mount Pellegrino, Italy

Patronage: Palermo, Sicily

Feast Day: September 4

Memorial Day Sept 4


ST. ROSE of LIMA – Patron of Vanity/South America

Born in South America, Rose was dedicated to her religion. Choosing not to use her beauty to her advantage, she worked in embroidery and gardening to help support her family and other poor people around them. She rejected her parents’ attempts to force her to marry, and instead Rose spent the rest of her life living as a recluse before joining the Third Order of St. Dominic. She was the first person to born in the Americas to be canonized.

b. 4/20/1586 Lima, Peru d. 8/24/1617 Lima, Peru

Patronage: Embroiderers, Florists, Gardeners, People ridiculed for their piety, Against vanity

Feast Day: August 23

Memorial Day Aug 23



Rose entered the French convent during the French Revolution, and after the convent closed she remained loyal to her faith. Joining the Society of the Sacred Heart, she accompanied several nuns to the United States to teach religion to the Native Americans. Despite contracting several ailments and hardships, she continued to work and pray as she founded six schools and orphanages throughout her time in the U.S.

b. 8/29/1769 Grenoble, France d. 11/18/1852 St. Charles, MO.

Patronage: Perseverance amid adversity, education

Feast Day: November 18

Memorial Day Nov 18


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Saint S’s



ST. SAMUEL – Miners

Samuel of Cilicia was one of five Egyptian Christians who were sent to the mines of Cilicia. Originally meant to comfort Christian prisoners who worked in the mines, the five were captured, imprisoned, and tortured. Samuel was beheaded with the others.

d.309 AD, Caesarea, Palestine

Patronage: Miners

Feast Day: February 16

Memorial Day Feb 16


ST. SARAH – Patron of Infertility

Known formerly as Sarai, the wife of Abraham was believed to be infertile. The couple lived in the desert of Canaan when they were visited by The Lords Angels. Abraham was 100 and Sarah 90 years old at the time of the visitation, and they were told they were to have a son, at which Sarah laughed. When her son was born he was named Isaac, which means laughter. She died at the age of 127, and was buried in the Machpelah Cave near Hebron.

Patronage: Infertility

Feast Day: August 19

Memorial Day Aug 19


ST. SCHOLASTICA – Patron of Nuns/Storms

Scholastica was the twin sister of St. Benedict of Nursia, who spent most of his life in a monastery she was not allowed in. She was always devout from a young age, and founded a women’s branch of the Order of Saint Benedict. Once, while Benedict visited her, Scholastica believed she was going to die as he was leaving, so she prayed for him to stay and a thunderstorm kept Benedict from leaving her.

b. c.480 AD, Umbria, Italy d. 2/10/543, Near Montecassino

Patronage: Nuns, Convulsive children, Storms and Rain

Feast Day: February 10

Memorial Day Feb 10


ST. SEBASTIAN – Patron of Athletes/Soldiers

Sebastian, a soldier in the Roman Army, was persecuted by Emperor Diocletian for his faith. Sentenced to death by being shot with arrows, his punishment is the most common depiction of his martyrdom. Healed by Irene, who was sent to bury him, he appeared before Diocletian, admonishing his efforts, before being clubbed to death.

b.c. 256 AD, Narbonne, Gaul d.c. 288AD

Patronage: Soldiers, Archers, Atheletes, Those plague stricken

Feast Day: January 20

Memorial Day Jan 20


ST. SERAPHINA – Patron of Handicapped/Disabled

When Fina was a child she was struck with a painful paralysis, following the death of her parents. She found comfort in her faith, and people were fascinated with how she offered hope despite her sufferings. An admirer of St. Gregory the Great, she passed away on his feast day. White Violets bloomed from the pallet she died on. The violets were known as the Saint Fina Violets.

b.1238, San Gimignano, Italy- d.3/12/1253, San Gimignano, Italy

Patronage: Physically challenged people, Spinners.

Feast Day: March 12

Memorial Day Mar 12


ST. SHARBEL – Patron of Order of Saint Sharbel

Also known as Charbel, he spent his adult life as a hermit after becoming a monk in Lebanon. Dying from a stroke at age 70, lights began surrounding his grave, and his body still appeared alive, bleeding and incorrupt. Several miraculous healings were made in the presence of his grave. b. 5/8/1828 Beka-Kafra, Lebanon d. 12/24/1898 Annaya, Lebanon Patronage: Lebanon, Order of Saint Sharbel Feast Day: July 24

Memorial Day 41844


ST. SIMON the APOSTLE – Patron of Curriers/Saw men

Simon the Zealot was one of the twelve Apostles, called the Zealot both to distinguish himself from Simon Peter and for his practicing of the Jewish Law before being an Apostle. Simon preached the Gospel in several countries, but his identity is often confused with other Simons. One story depicts his martyrdom in Persia, another in Samaria, both cases state he was martyred after preaching.

Patronage: Curriers, Saw Men, Tanners

Feast Day: October 28

Memorial Day Oct 28



Sophia was mother to three daughters, Faith, Hope, and Love, named after three virtues mentioned in Corinthians. During the reign of Hadrian, paranoid about the strength of their faith, each daughter was imprisoned, tortured, and killed. She died by their graves, praying in sorrow but happy for their salvation.

b. Milan, Italy d.137 AD Rome, Italy

Feast Day: August 1

Memorial Day Aug 1


ST. STANISLAUS KRAKOW – Patron of Poland

Stanislaus Szczepanowski was born into Polish nobility and raised in a devout family. When his parents died, Stanislaus distributed his inheritance to the poor. He was a notable priest and spiritual director, and later reluctantly became bishop of Krakow in 1072. He was well known for preaching against sinful living, regardless of class. Stanislaus was murdered during Mass, by King Boleslaus the Cruel, for excommunicating him for his war crimes.

b. 7/26/1030 Poland d. 5/8/1079 Poland

Patronage: Krakow, Poland, Soldiers in battle

Feast Day: April 11

Memorial Day 42836


ST. STEPHANIE – Patron of Theologians

Stephana de Quinzanis was inspired to join the Third Order of St. Dominic, following her father. Her favorite friar teacher, Blessed Matthew Carrieri, died when she was fourteen. After his death, she received a vision from him, and ended up with stigmata wounds. Becoming an abbess, she was known for her prophetic and theological teachings, her devotion to caring for the sick and poor, as well as several sufferings.

b. 1457, Soncino, ltaly d.1/2/1530, Soncino, Italy

Patronage: Sick, Poor, Theologians, Mystics

Feast Day: January 2nd or 3rd

Memorial Day Jan 3


ST. STEPHEN the MARTYR – Patron of Deacons/Stonemasons

Stephen is widely recognized as one of the first deacons of the Christian Church and, more significantly, the first Christian martyr. Born Jewish, his conversion to Christianity led to a heated debate with Sanhedrin elders. He was later imprisoned and stoned to death.

d. 34, Jerusalem

Patronage: Stonemasons, Deacons, Casket makers, Horses, Headache sufferers

Feast Day: December 26

Memorial Day Dec 26


ST. SUSANNA – Patron of Those Named Susanna

The daughter of Saint Gabinus dedicated herself to her pledge of virginity. When she refused to marry the son-in-law of Roman Emperor Diocletian, who was persecuting Christians at the time, Diocletian ordered her beaten and both her and her father beheaded in their home. The house was later converted into a shrine dedicated to Susanna.

d. 295 Rome, Italy

Patronage: Marriage, Those named Susanna

Feast Day: August 11

Memorial Day Aug 11


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Saint T’s



ST. TARCISIUS – Patron of Altar Boys/Altar Girls

Tarcisius was a martyr from the 3rd century of early Christianity. Tarcisius carried The Blessed Sacrament to condemned Christians in prison. He was attacked by a Pagan mob and beaten to death, defending the Host. His misfortune was included in a poem by Pope Damasus, comparing him to St. Stephen.

d. 3rd century, Rome

Patronage: Alter servers, First communicants

Feast Day: August 15

Memorial Day 43327


ST. TERESA of AVILA – Patron of Headache/Loss of Parents

According to her autobiography, Teresa lost her mother at age 14, but never strayed from her devotion to God. Becoming a nun, she became widely known for her writing as well as her altruism and her founding of several convents and monasteries. Her ability to withstand several physical and emotional pains led to her title, Doctor of the Church, in 1970.

b.3/28/1515, Spain-d.10/4/1582, Spain

Patronage: Headaches, Loss of parents, Lace-makers, Bodily ills

Feast Day: October 15

Memorial Day Oct 15



Theodora Guerin belonged the Sisters of Providence of Ruille sur Loir, educating and caring for the poor and sick of France, before travelling to Indiana to establish a new diocese. As they settled in Saint Mary of the Woods, she became Mother Theodore, the superior of the Sisters in Indiana. She spent her time establishing new schools and orphanages, and was greatly beloved by her students and sisters.

b.10/2/1798 Brittany, France d. 5/14/1856 Saint Mary of the Woods, Indiana, USA

Patronage: Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana

Feast Day: October 3

Memorial Day Oct 3



A military commander in the city of Heraclea, Theodore was a devout Christian during the persecution under Emperor Licinius. Caught, he was tortured to convert to a pagan. In response, he tore down pagan temple statues, an act that sentenced him to death. Released by an angel, he preached Christianity to his people before he was beheaded, as recorded by his servant Varus.

d.319 Heraclea, Thrace

Patronage: Soldiers, Brindisi, Italy, Recovery of lost articles

Feast Day: February 7

Memorial Day Feb 7


ST. THERESAv – Patron of Foreign Missions

Also known as St. Therese of Lisieux, Therese became religious at a young age, joining a Carmelite Convent in Lisieux at the age of 15. She spent most of her life secluded after the death of her parents, overcoming many obstacles throughout her life. Suffering from many illnesses, she died at the age of 24 from tuberculosis.

Therese is known as the Little Flower of Jesus

b.1/2/1873 Normandy, France d.9/30/1897 Lisieux, France

Patronage: Missionaries, HIV/AIDS sufferers, Florist & gardeners, Loss of parents, Tuberculosis.

Feast Day: October 1

Memorial Day Oct 1


ST. THERESE of LISIEUX – Patron of Aviators/Florists

Therese became religious at a young age, joining a Carmelite Convent in Lisieux at the age of 15. She spent most of her life secluded after the death of her parents, overcoming many obstacles throughout her life. Suffering from many illnesses, she died at the age of 24 from tuberculosis.

Therese is known as the Little Flower of Jesus

b.1/2/1873 Normandy, France d.9/30/1897 Lisieux, France

Patronage: Missionaries, HIV/AIDS sufferers, Florist & gardeners, Loss of parents, Tuberculosis.

Feast Day: October 1

Memorial Day Oct 1


ST. THOMAS A BECKET – Patron of Clergy

Thomas, due to his friendship with King Henry II, was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in 1162. However, they disagreed about the powers of the Church and the King, and which was more so. Thomas regularly clashed with Henry over such matters, and their friendship turned to rivalry, leading to Thomas’s assassination in 1170 due to a misunderstanding between Henry and his men.

b.12/21/1119, London d.12/29/1170, Canterbury Cathedral

Patronage: Clergy, Portsmouth, England, Secular clergy

Feast Day: December 29

Memorial Day Dec 29


ST. THOMAS AQUINAS – Patron of Catholic Schools/Students

Thomas Aquinas is considered one of the most influential professors of Catholicism and philosophy. His most famous collection of writings is the Summa Theologica, which consists of sections based on God’s existence, Aristotle’s ethics, and Christ’s salvation.

b.1225, Italy d. 3/7 /1274 Papal States, Italy

Patronage: Academics, Theologians, Philosophers, Schools, Against storms, Chastity

Feast Day: January 28

Memorial Day Jan 28


ST. THOMAS MORE – Patron of Lawyers/Statesmen

Both a lawyer and a devout Catholic, Thomas believed no authority was higher than the Church, opposing the Protestant Reformation. As Lord Chancellor to King Henry VIII, he opposed and refused the King’s decision to divorce from his first wife, and to make the King the head of the Church, which lead to his execution.

b.2/7/1478 London, England

d.7/6/1535 London, England – beheaded

Patronage: Adopted children, Lawyers, Civil servants, Politicians, Difficult marriages, Widowers

Feast Day: June 22

Memorial Day June 22


ST. THOMAS of VILLANOVA – Patron of Poor/Orphans

Thomas was raised by his parents to be very kind and giving, he donated to the poor and less fortunate whenever he had the opportunity. As Archbishop of Valencia, any money or possessions he received was given to the poor, he also took in anyone who came to him seeking shelter. He sent the first Augustinian missionaries to the New World, Mexico. His life was characterized by a love of learning, peace making, and as a reformer of the Church. His mission was to seek wisdom, love, and justice. Thomas is remebered as the father of the poor.

b. 1488 Castile, Spain d. 9/8/1555 Valencia, Spain

Patronage: The poor, Orphans, Justice, Education

Feast Day: September 8

Memorial Day 43351


ST. THOMAS the APOSTLE – Patron of Architects/Blind People

Thomas was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He is mostly known for questioning the Resurrection of Jesus, leading to his nickname Doubting Thomas, but repented when a vision of Jesus confirmed his Resurrection. Despite his questioning, he never swayed from his loyalty to Jesus. There are some tales that claim St. Thomas baptized the Wise Men from the Nativity.

d. c. 72 Mylapur, India

Patronage: Architects, Builders, Carpenters, India, Surveyors, Against Blindness

Feast Day: July 3

Memorial Day July 3


ST. TIMOTHY – Patron of Stomach Disorders

Timothy, born to a Jewish mother and a Greek father, had been inspired by St. Paul’s visits to his home in Asia Minor. By the time he reached adulthood, he converted his faith and accompanied Paul and Silas in their preachings. In the year 97 Timothy tried to stop a ceremony in honor of the goddess Diana by preaching the gospel, but the angry pagans beat and dragged him through the streets, eventually stoning him to death.

b. c.17 AD d. c. 97 AD

Patronage: Against stomach and intestinal disorders

Feast Day: January 26

Memorial Day Jan 26


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Saint U’s




One of the lesser-known but chief archangels, Uriel is the angel of wisdom and is also been called the Light of God. In the Book of Enoch, Uriel is the angel responsible for warning Noah of the Great Flood. Also in the Book of Enoch, Uriel is one of the angels who asked for divine intervention on behalf of humanity.

Patronage: Sacrament of Confirmation, Poetry

Feast Day: September 29

Memorial Day 43372


ST. URSULA – Patron of Catholic Education

Ursula, out of care and love for children, became a teacher to educate children on the Christian religion. Ursula expressed that before she set sail to marry her future Pagan husband she would go on an educational pilgrimage. With 11 fellow Virgins, she headed for Cologne, which was being surrounded by Huns. The women were captured by the Huns, the leader killed Ursula with a bow and arrow and all the other Virgins were beheaded.

The Ursuline Order was later founded for the education of young Catholic girls and women.

d. 10/21/238 Cologne, Germany

Patronage: Archers, Orphans, Students, Cologne

Feast Day: October 21

Memorial Day Oct 21


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Saint V’s



ST. VALENTINE of ROME – Patron of Love

Valentine was a Roman Bishop during the time Roman Emperor Claudius was persecuting Christians, believing unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers. Valentine secretly married several Christians so they would not have to go to war. After being caught by Claudius II, Valentine was beaten brutally, and executed. Though several legends of his life remain ambiguous, he is also known for restoring sight to the daughter of Judge Asterius.

b. 176, Terni d. c. 269, Rome

Patronage: Affianced couples, Bee keepers, Epilepsy, Fainting, Happy marriages, Lovers

Feast Day: February 14

Memorial Day Feb 14


ST. VERONICA – Patron of Photographers

As Jesus carried His cross to Calvary, Veronica ran to Him when He fell, moved by His pity. Using her veil to wipe off His blood and sweat, an image of His face was left behind as a result. Her veil, The Veil of Veronica, is kept in the St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.

Patronage: Photographers, Laundry workers, Against Bleeding/Hemorrhages, Maids, Seamstresses

Feast Day: July 12

Memorial Day July 12


ST. VIATOR of BERGAMO – Patron of Catechists

Viator was a disciple of the Apostles and was the second Bishop of Bergamo, Italy. Not much is known about him but it is believed he attended the Council of Sardica to compose decrees against Arianism. d. c. 78 Patronage: Catechists Feast Day: December 14

Memorial Day 41987


ST. VICTOR of MARSEILLES – Patron of Lightning/Millers

Victor served under Roman Emperor Maximian as an army officer, but his preachings in favor of Christianity as opposed to pagan idols caused his imprisonment by the Emperor. After converting soldiers in prison and knocking over a statue of Jupiter, Victor’s foot was removed and his body was to be crushed by a millstone. When the mill had broken down, he was beheaded; The cave his remains are in is home to many miracles.

d. 290 Marseilles, France

Patronage: Millers, Against lightning, Torture victims, Cabinet makers

Feast Day: July 21

Memorial Day July 21



Sister of St. Anatolia and St. Audax, she and her sister Anatolia refused to marry non-Christian suitors, to instead remain virgins. Both were imprisoned and tortured, but both still refused the men and converted other guards and prisoners. Victoria’s suitor soon gave up and executed her. Legend says, he was instantly struck with leprosy and died 6 days later.

d.250, Italy

Patronage: Against earthquakes, lightning, & severe weather

Feast Day: December 23

Memorial Day Dec 23


ST. VINCENT de PAUL – Patron of Charities/Caregivers

Vincent, a French Saint, is greatly upheld as one of the most generous, selfless, and kind patron saints. He dedicated his life to helping the poor, the young, and the unfortunate. He once escaped slavery by converting his master to Christianity.

Vincent was a co-founder of the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity, and established the Congregation of Priests of the Mission.

b. 4/24/1581 Gascony, France d. 9/27/1660 Paris, France

Patronage: All works of charity, hospitals, leprosy, prisoners

Feast Day: September 27

Memorial Day Sept 27


ST. VINCENT FERRER – Patron of Construction Workers

A fiery speaker, Vincent, sided with Benedict XIII, also known as Cardinal Pedro de Luna, during the Western Schism of Roman Catholicism. Eventually seeing the decline of Benedict, Vincent persuaded support away from him. There is much controversy that surrounds his conversion methods for Jews to Christianity, but he is well known for his apolistic journeys across Western Europe.

b. 1/23/1350, Valencia d. 4/5/1419 Vannes, Brittany

Patronage: Builders, Plumbers, Fishermen, Orphanges

Feast Day: April 5

Memorial Day Apr 5


ST. VITUS – Patron of Actors/Comedians

According to legend, Vitus was the son of a pagan, but was converted to Christianity by his tutor St. Modestus, and his nurse St. Crescentia. Although he drove out a demon from Emperor Diocletian’s son, his faith caused him to be imprisoned, tortured, and martyred. His saint day is celebrated by a dance around a statue of him, know as St. Vitus’ Dance, (which was often confused with chorea) believed to give a year’s worth of good health.

Saint Vitus b.c.290, Sicily d. c.303 Lucania, Italy

Patronage: Actors, Comedians, Dancers, Epileptics

Feast Day: June 15

Memorial Day June 15


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Saint W’s



ST. WALBURGA – Patron of Coughs/Storms

On a mission in Germany, along with her brothers and Saint Boniface, Walburga evangelized and healed pagans. She was a nun at the double monastery in Bavaria, Germany, founded by her brother . She was made successor and became abbess after his death. The day of her canonization, May 1, is often celebrated on May Day, also known as Walpurgisnacht to pagans.

b. c.710 Wessex, England d. 2/25/779 Swabia, Germany

Patronage: Sailors, Hydrophobia, Against storms, Plague, Rabies, Cough

Feast Day: February 25

Memorial Day Feb 25



Walter took pity on a monastery inmate and set him free; He was later made abbot of a new abbey in Pontoise by King Philip I. Walter reluctantly accepted, disgusted by the idea of a royalty-controlled institution, and tried numerous times to escape, stopping after being told to by Pope Gregory VII. He spent the rest of his life fighting against simony and cruelty of his clergy, which he was once arrested for but released.

b. c.1030 Andainville, Picardy, France d. Good Friday 4/8/1099

Patronage: Prisoners, Vintners, Prisoners of war

Feast Day: April 8

Memorial Day Apr 8


ST. WENCESLAUS – Patron of Bohemia

Wenceslaus was born into a royal Bohemian family, and raised as a Christian by his Grandmother, Saint Ludmilla. When his father was killed, Wenceslaus assumed control of the government amidst Catholic conflicts. During his rule, he attempted to reinstate the Church and unify Bohemia. He was murdered by his anti-Christian brother Boleslav the Cruel. Wenceslaus was considered a martyr and saint for his faith.

b. 907 Prague, Bohemia d. 9/28/929 Bohemia

Patronage: Bohemian people, Brewers, Prague, Czech Republic

Feast Day: September 28

Memorial Day Sept 28


ST. WILLIAM of ROCHESTER – Patron of Adopted Children

Also known as St. William of Perth, William took in an abandoned child as his own, David the Foundling. However, David murdered and robbed William on a religious pilgrimage, his body taken care of by a woman suffering from mental instability. Her instability was relieved by the time she took his body to be buried.

b. 12th century Perth, Scotland d. c.1201 Rochester, England

Patronage: Adopted children

Feast Day: May 23

Memorial Day May 23


ST. WINIFRED of WALES – Patron of Martyrs/Incest Victims

Saint Winifred was physically a beautiful women who took a vow of chastity. Her suitor, Caradog of Hawarden, became enraged by the vow and ordered her beheaded. A healing well sprang up it the site of her decapitation, which later became a site of pilgrimage and healing. Winifred’s Spiritual Leader and Uncle, St. Beuno, restored her body her back to life, and she lived out the rest of her life as a nun.

Patronage: Against unwanted advances, Holy wells

Feast Day: November 3

Memorial Day Nov 3


ST. WOLFGANG – Patron of Paralysis/Strokes

Wolfgang was one of the three great German Saints; Early in his life he became friends with the soon-to-be archbishop Henry of Babenberg. After teaching in Trier, he was ordained a priest by St. Ulrich in 968, and soon became Bishop of Regensburg in 972. Known for his strict discipline and reforms, he preferred living as a hermit and did so until his death in 994.

b. 934 Swabia, Germany d. 10/31/994 Pupping, Linz

Patronage: Apoplexy, Carpenters, Paralysis, Stomach diseases, Strokes

Feast Day: October 31

Memorial Day Oct 31




Saint X’s


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Saint Y’s


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Saint Z’s




Zachary, Pope of Rome after Gregory III, is known singularly for his kindness and love of religion, clergy, and the people. Opposed to slavery and destruction of religious property, he restored the Roman Church and kept slaves from being resold. b. Calabria, Italy d. 3/22/752 Feast Day: March 15

Memorial Day Mar 15


ST. ZITA – Patron of Servers/Waiters

When Zita was 12 she went to work for the Fatinelli family of Lucca, where she was known for her unwavering kindness and generosity. Fully committed to her faith, she would often spread food to those in poverty. Despite the ire of her masters and coworkers, she was eventually placed in charge of the house, and remained there until she passed away.

b.1212 Tuscany, Italy d.4/27/1272 Lucca, Italy

Patronage: Domestic workers, Maids, The finder of lost keys

Feast Day: April 27

Memorial Day Apr 27



Zoe, unable to speak for six years, was miraculously healed by St. Sebastian when he made the sign of the cross over head, and a following of Christianity began. Having lived during Emperor Diocletian’s persecution of Christians, she was arrested at the tomb of St. Peter the Apostle, who she looked up to. She was executed by being hung over a fire; St. Sebastian was executed soon after.

d. c.286 AD

Patronage: Fires, Those unable to speak

Feast Day: July 5

Memorial Day July 5

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