St. Edwin

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St. Edwin Pendant

  • Made with a choice of .925 Sterling Silver, 14kt Solid Gold or 14kt Gold Filled
  • Available in 3 Sizes: Large (1″ high), Med. (3/4″ high) and Charm Size (1/2″ high)
  • Includes Deluxe Gift-Box
  • Made in the USA with A Lifetime Guarantee Against Tarnishing
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  • Optional Engraving on Medium and Large Sizes
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ST. EDWIN – Patron of Homeless People

Born a Pagan in a Royal family, Edwin spent his life on the run after the throne was seized by Ethebric of Bernicia and his son Ethelfrid. After Ethelfrid’s death, Edwin took the throne as king and later converted to Christianity. He worked to evangelize his people, and his successes as king eventually became powerful enough for him to be called Overlord.
Edwin died in battle against a Pagan King, Penda of Mercia, in 633.
b. 585 England d. 633 in battle with pagan Welsh and Mercians at Hatfield Chase, England
Patronage: Kings, Converts, Homeless people, Large Families
Feast Day: October 12

Memorial Day Oct 12

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14KT Gold, Gold Filled, Sterling Silver

Pendant Size

Large (1" high), Medium (3/4" high), Small (1/2" high)


Gold Filled French Rope, Gold Filled Heavy Curb, Gold Plate Light Curb, Hamilton Gold Heavy Curb, Light Rhodium Heavy Curb, Light Rhodium Heavy French Rope, Rhodium Heavy Curb, Sterling Silver French Rope, Sterling Silver Heavy Curb

Chain Length

24", 27", 30"


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St. Camillus of Lellis


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